Get Rid Of Your Glasses with Ultra LASIK in Dubai


Most people who suffer from refractive eye conditions know the difficulty of wearing glasses. Although the glasses can effectively correct the vision, it is cumbersome to carry, especially when running, swimming and other physical activities. This is why most people prefer to have a Lasik treatment in Dubai to correct common vision problems.

LASIK or laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses is a laser-based refractive surgery which can be generally performed on an outpatient basis. Using a special cutting laser, the shape of the cornea can be changed to improve the vision.

Common Refractive Issues

In a normal vision, images are focused on the retina at the back of the eye when the light rays are bend properly while passing through the lens...

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Retinal Detachment: Treat It At The Right Time


Like all other sensory organs in our body, the eye is a high functioning organ that we use at least 16 to 17 hours a day to view the world. However, unlike the internal organs that have to stay active 24×7, your eyes need enough rest to function properly.

As the eye is such an important part of the body, any ailment that occurs need to be taken seriously. For instance, one of the most dangerous eye condition that can occur in people is a retinal detachment. Although retina treatments are available in Dubai, it is important to diagnose the condition at the earliest to give the best treatment. Let us get to know more about this particular condition, it’s symptoms and the various treatments available on timely diagnosis.

Understanding Retinal Detachment

The retina is the light-sensitive mem...

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Corneal Ulcer – Are You At Risk?


If you consider your eye as a camera, your cornea is the lens that focuses the image on to the film behind it. The cornea is a clear covering in front of the eye which focuses the light on the lens of the eye. When the cornea becomes injured due to blunt force trauma or any other accident, the injury can become inflamed and infected, causing a sore to form in the eye. Ophthalmologists in Dubai term this eyesore as a corneal ulcer.

Corneal ulcers are mostly caused by infection. One of the most common reasons that lead to the corneal ulcer is continuous use of contact lenses, like wearing them to bed. A corneal ulcer is a serious medical condition requiring immediate medical attention. If the treatment is delayed, it can lead to vision loss in your eye.

Risk factors and Causes

As men...

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6 Tips From Ophthalmologists To Maintain Healthy Eyes


Having healthy eyes and good eyesight helps you in many ways. As a sensory organ, we depend a lot on our eyes to perform various tasks from the workplace to personal day in and day out. But with all stress, we put on our eyes, it is important to care for them as a habit.

Ophthalmologists in Dubai recommend taking care of your eyes as part of your daily routines. In fact, you only need to follow some simple steps each day to take care of your eyes. In this blog, we are listing a few healthy habits that can help take care of your eyes –

Proper Diet

Did you know that your eye health depends a lot on the food you eat? Nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E are known to help delay age-related vision problems like cataract...

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Retinal Diseases: When To See Your Doctor

Eye clinic in Dubai

Most people are aware of eye conditions like myopia, presbyopia and farsightedness. But there are many other serious diseases and conditions that could affect your eye, all of which start off with mild symptoms of blurry vision, light sensitivity and such. Which is why it is important to consult your eye specialist at the earliest when you find anything amiss with your vision.

For example, retinal diseases are one of those conditions that affect any part of your retina, leading to vision loss with progression.

The retina is a thin layer of tissue inside the back wall of your eye, containing millions of light-sensitive cells called the rods and cones...

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Supra Lasik: Is It The Right Treatment For You?


How many of you would agree that wearing glasses or contact lenses are no easy task? Power glasses and contact lens are often prescribed to people suffering from short or long sightedness. However, the struggles that come with it are real. For instance, they know how difficult it is to go swimming with their glasses on. On the other hand, using contact lenses are no walk in the park either. Lenses can really irritate your eyes after using for 8 hours straight as they become too dry to stay in place. All in all, living with eyesight issues and using these solutions are never easy for the sufferers.

This is where refractive treatments come in. There are various LASIK treatments available in eye clinics across Dubai. However, the latest among them, Supra Vision LASIK, is a treatment that need...

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Punctoplasty: 5 Things You Didn’t About The Procedure

watery eyes

A punctoplasty is a lesser-known surgery to treat watery eyes. The procedure is performed to correct punctal stenosis, which is a condition that causes an individual’s tears to overflow from the eyes. The surgical procedure is a fairly simple one where the punctual opening ins widened allowing the tears to drain with ease.

Expert ophthalmologists in Dubai say that the reason for watery eyes is either the excess production of tears in some individuals or when their ey’s drainage system is too narrow or blocked.

So here are 5 things about the punctoplasty procedure in Dubai that you didn’t know about –

Who is it beneficial for?

Ophthalmologists suggest this procedure to all patients who suffer from watery eyes, where the tears overflow from their eyes...

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Farsightedness Vs Presbyopia: How To Spot the Difference


As people age, many people find it hard to see and read the words in the newspaper or books, while their long vision is still intact. The symptoms are very similar to that of farsightedness, where you have headaches, eye strain, fatigue and trouble seeing things up close. But not many people know that these two conditions, though it feels similar, are caused due to different reasons.

Farsightedness or hyperopia can occur to anyone irrespective of age. It happens due to shortening of the eyeball, which prevents light from lining up properly and falls behind the retina. As a result, people suffering from this condition find it hard to see things up close. And it is noted that farsightedness can occur in anyone including babies.

On the other hand, presbyopia is an age-related issue, where th...

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Answer To Your Eye Injuries – Oculoplastic Surgery


Eye and eyelid injuries can happen to people anywhere any time. Most of these accidents occur when the individual is taking part in a physical activity like sports or recreational activities.

Most of the common household objects can also cause an accidental eye injury through careless mistakes.

Trauma to your eye can affect the eyeball or the facial feature around it including structures like eyelids or bones and muscles around the eye. This trauma can be due to blunt trauma or due to the penetration of sharp objects in the eye. Chemical trauma can also occur when substances that are not meant for your eyes go inside it, causing injuries.

There are Ophthalmologists in Dubai who are experts in treating your eye injuries through various methods, both surgical and nonsurgical...

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Manage Your Keratoconus Better


There a number of eye conditions that most of us are aware of. Myopia or short-sightedness, hyperopia or long-sightedness, astigmatism or blurred vision, cataract, and common eye infections that occur every now and them.

But when your ophthalmologist tells you that you have keratoconus, chances are that you will be totally lost.

Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea of your eye starts thinning and bulge in the shape of a cone, causing blurry vision. The term keratoconus translates to cornea shaped like a cone. Keratoconus treatments are now available in Dubai.

Healthy Cornea and Keratoconus

A healthy and normal cornea is more spherical, very similar to one-third of a football...

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