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LASIK treatment is gaining tremendous popularity in Dubai. LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis and is an essential treatment that helps in correcting vision in people who are either nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism. Generally, laser vision treatments work on reshaping the cornea, which is the clear front part of the eye. The light traveling through this has to be properly focused in order to get a precise vision. The light falls on the retina which is located at the back of the eye. LASIK has proven to be one of the most effective treatments that offer clear vision. This blog will give further information on this treatment including its benefits and how you should probably prepare for this treatment.

What are the main benefits of this treatment?

LASIK treatment has num...

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Retinal Treatment – Take The Preventive Measure Today

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Our eye is one of the most sensitive sense organs that require extreme attention and care. The retina is a thin layer that is present near the eyeball. This contains a few cells that are extremely sensitive to light. So, when the cells are exposed to light, they trigger the nerves impulses via the optic nerve to the brain. This is where the visual image is formed.

However, with age, the retina tends to lose its original form. This could also be due to diabetes and other diseases such as intense trauma in the eye or even your family’s medical history. If the medical condition is not treated in the initial stages, it could lead to permanent damage to the eyes.

To make it a little easier, the article will give you some insight on diagnosis, the retinal treatment, and a few tips that will h...

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Keep A Close Eye On Why To Consult An Eye Specialist

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Eye infections can get gross real quick, so if you feel like you have one coming in your way, you should immediately consult an eye specialist. However, to do so, you should be aware of a few signs and symptoms that could lead to feeling something eerie and weird.  Some of the major signs that indicate the need to visit an eye specialist include redness in your eye, pain and discharge, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision.

In some cases, you might require a prescription of antibiotic drops that can heal these symptoms and mild conditions. However, in advanced stages, things can escalate very quickly and it would be advisable to be aware of a few signs through which you can identify that something is wrong with your eyes...

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Refractive Error Treatment – A Solution To Poor Vision

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Whenever we meet someone new, we always set our EYES on them. Eyes are one of the most important organs of our body. It is our eyes that help us see the beauty of the world. However, there are numerous infections and medical conditions that can affect our eyes. One of the conditions includes refractive errors. This occurs when the shape of the eye prevents light from falling directly on the retina. The length of the eyeballs changes depending on the size of the cornea. In fact, aging of the lens can also be a vital cause for refractive error. This blog post will widely describe what is refractive errors, its types, symptoms, and treatment.

What is refractive errors?

Vision occurs when the light rays are bent and pass through the cornea and the lens...

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Mission To Rectify Your Toddler’s Vision!

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We generally visit doctors only when we fall ill or when we feel sick, and we tend to continue this practice in all medical aspects. For instance, we visit eye centre or consult an optometrist only when we believe that we might have some vision problem. Why wait till the infection to crawl into your system? Like the famous proverb, prevention is better than cure, so why not apply this in real life situations? In fact, this practice is often adopted by your children as well. This article is going to widely enunciate the reasons for visiting an eye specialist on a regular basis.

Many optometrists emphasise on having regular consultations as your problems could range from getting a new pair of glasses to recognising an infection...

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Keratoconus – Keep A Close Eye On This Eye Infection!

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Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of the body. They are not only visually appealing with beautiful eyeball colours, but they give you the opportunity to visualise different things in your life. However, with the changing times, medical experts are discovering many eye diseases and infections that could affect the organ adversely.

Unlike general eye surgeries like cataract, eye specialists and researchers have found another condition known as keratoconus. This is an ailment that generally affects both your eyes with variation in symptoms and diverse intensities. This disease can lead to different visions between both the eyes.

This condition appears when your cornea, the clear and dome-shaped part of the eye, begins to bulge in the form of a cone...

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Importance Of Opting Supra Vision LASIK Treatment?

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With the fast-growing technology, the medical industry is coming up with various procedures that were not possible a couple of decades ago. In the traditional times, even a cataract surgery seemed to be a nerve-wracking process.

Today, many eye clinics in Dubai have introduced laser treatments that can improve your vision without any kind of side-effects. Many people are used to wearing glasses with high prescriptions which can prove to be very irritating. This is exactly why laser treatment was discovered. You can throw away those glasses and have a clear vision with our latest treatment at New Vision Eye Centre.

In fact, today with technologically improved equipment we have Supra Vision LASIK treatment that can give complete freedom from both glasses and lenses...

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Prevalent Conditions That Could Indicate The Need For A Cataract Surgery

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A lot of times many people have a sense of reluctance and fear towards any eye surgery. They tend to refuse from undergoing any kind of surgery that can affect their eyes. However, if we will continue with negligence, the health condition is only going to worsen.

In today’s times, cataract has become a common medical condition that is often operated with an optimum equipment. Moreover, numerous symptoms are displayed before the doctor to identify the condition. If you think you could be suffering from a cataract, nothing to worry as this blog post will widely describe the symptoms that could indicate the need for a cataract surgery.

Before the symptoms are listed, it is necessary to briefly explain what a cataract is and what are its causes...

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Do Cataract Surgeries Hurt? – Read More To Find Out!


A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens in the eye which helps us focus on objects and see clearly. Cataract surgeries are very common all over the world and if avoided can lead to blindness. This surgery is perfectly safe and can be done by visiting an eye clinic in Dubai.

One of the most common symptoms of cataract is a blurry vision however, it is not always an extreme situation of blurred vision. It can simply be the difficulty for you to see through a glass clearly. Another symptom would be the increase in the brightness of a light passing through your eye. You would feel like the power of the light or the sun is extremely bright and that it troubles your vision. This would put you in an uncomfortable situation...

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Make Your Imperfect Vision Perfect With The Supra Vision Lasik!


As a person who has been wearing glasses or lenses their entire life, you would know the difficulties it involves. Every time you leave the house you have to make sure you carry your glasses. The first thing we do every morning as we wake up is to find our glasses. You cannot see anything clearly without the aid of the glasses or lenses. Now it is time for you to correct this problem forever. With Lasik Eye Surgery in Dubai, you can go through the Supra Vision Lasik treatment and make sure your vision becomes perfect.

The Supra Vision Lasik treatment is in line with the latest technology in the industry and ensures the best results for the patients...

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