Facts to know before LASIK Treatment

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Thousands of people in Dubai choose laser surgery to correct a defect in vision and stop their need for corrective lenses or lenses. Laser surgery has a number of benefits if done precisely.  New Vision Eye Center in Dubai is keeping abreast of the latest technology in the field with a view to offering an incomparable service to our patients. The goal of our duty is to make you see the world clearly. To achieve this target, we are always going in tandem with the globally acclaimed technology used for eye health.  The ushering of this technology at New Vision Eye Center makes sure that LASIK in Dubai is now a possibility.

Laser eye surgery is the most common procedure for correcting visual disturbances caused by refractive errors, such as myopia (difficulty seeing from a distance), hypero...

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Are You Ready for LASIK?

lasik in dubai

We are New Vision Eye Center, the most trusted eye care institute in Dubai. Thousands of people who consulted the expert eye surgeons from New Vision Eye Center are eternally grateful to us for restoring their vision. Among many eye hospitals, New Vision Eye Center stand out of the box for our excellent performance of LASIK treatment in Dubai. This is a very delicate surgery which requires an outstanding expertise along with the latest technology in eye care treatment. We guarantee that the combination of this expertise and the beauty of the technology yield you a better vision.

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a type of surgery that flattens the cornea. It is the most common type of surgery to correct myopia and astigmatism...

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LASIK- No More Blurred Vision

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Have you ever been hindered from playing your favorite sport as a result of glasses or contact lenses? The time you worried over this has come to an end with the amazing introduction of LASIK treatment. It is the fastest and most convenient method of restoring your vision in a safe approach. We at New Vision Eye Center have gained the reputation as the most trusted eye clinic in Dubai with our impressive success record in LASIK treatment.

Recovery Time for LASIK Surgery – After LASIK Surgery

An overwhelming majority of patients after LASIK surgery experiences a life in which glasses, contact lenses or corrective lenses of any kind are no longer a burden. The recovery of LASIK surgery is brief. With LASIK, patients can have the vision they once had or had always hoped to have.

A recent revi...

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LASIK in a Nutshell

lasik treatment in dubai

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may have thought about having surgery to correct your vision. The LASIK procedure consists in the use of a laser beam to reshape the shape of the cornea of ​​your eyes – the vaulted, transparent and round part that covers the surface of the eye – with the aim of improving the focusing of the light rays in your eyes. retina. The term LASIK is the acronym for “laser assisted in situ keratomileusis”.

Before deciding on this surgery, you have to think about some things. The LASIK procedure is a surgery that is performed on a very delicate part of the eye and is irreversible. As with any other surgery, there are risks and possible complications...

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How to take care of your eyes after LASIK Treatment?


These days LASIK has become the most popular treatment among the people who want to fully recover their sight. More and more people are choosing to undergo laser eye surgery to permanently correct vision. At New Vision Eye Centre, we take great care of our patients with the best Lasik treatment in Dubai. We have a deep concern for our patients even after the surgery and therefore, we always acknowledge them in terms of dos and don’ts after the surgery.

Laser eye surgery is a type of surgery used to correct vision. Usually, this type of surgery involves reshaping the transparent layer that lines the front of the eye, known as the cornea, with an Excimer laser. There are several techniques used to treat different common vision defects – myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Laser assiste...

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Are you qualified for LASIK?

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Nowadays LASIK has become the most popular treatment among those who want to correct their vision in the easiest and fastest manner. If you are wearing glasses or contact lenses, you also might want to undergo this surgery and have a permanent clear vision. But you should remember that Lasik is not for everyone. There are certain specifications which decide whether you are a right candidate for LASIK. As the pioneer of LASIK treatment in Dubai, we will take you through our advanced tests with the latest technology and affirm whether you can undergo this surgery.

You must be over 18 years old (21 years for some types of lasers). The view of people under 18 continues to change. You also can not be pregnant or breastfeeding...

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Do You Want To See More Clearly?

lasik treatment in dubai
So you’ve visited the Pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China, but did you actually see them? Yes, you have photos to prove you were right there, but when you were there beyond your camera lens and phone did you see it clearly in its magnificent glory? Poor vision may be the reason for you to have missed out on so many significant and glorious details.

For instance, you have to wear contact lenses or glasses to experience a dramatic and spectacular sight. You don’t want this moment to be framed by thick black rims or plastic pieces. What’s more, it is not like you see or have such experiences everyday. Many times these are once in a lifetime opportunities and moments you should grab when it presents itself.

Poor vision is not something you have to live with...

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Glasses Are Not As Cool As Everyone Thinks

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Do you wonder how strange it is that a an accessory that has been around for ever is suddenly considered cool and immediately adopted by the fashion police? Yes, we are talking about glasses. This is not to say that the universe exploded with this sudden interest in an old product. The situation is unusual to say the least, people wear glasses to look super trendy. This doesn’t happen often so when it does you can expect even non fashion conscious folks take it on with zest and enthusiasm.

You would have seen big style magazines showcasing models wearing corrective glasses. The idea however has blown into a fashion trend and sure enough has become part of the cycle of coolness.

And now you’ve got thousands of geeks and hipsters wearing oversized black rims to look as cool as Justin Ti...

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Is Lasik Surgery A Permanent Solution?

lasik treatment in dubai
If you ever find yourself wandering along the aisles looking at various creams and lotions you may think with all that promising talk of anti-aging if there have been proper breakthroughs in anti-aging products that can reverse or halt aging altogether. Surely, a magic product or pill will hit the market so that you can go back to having the appearance of a twenty something. The reality is that beauty products are rarely if ever long lasting. However, do you know something that is long term and will certainly make you look younger? Lasik treatment in Dubai.

Laser eye surgery is permanent. Now this statement may have many of you feeling skeptical. You may think there are secret loopholes somewhere waiting to be exploited. You will be surprised to know there are no hidden caveats...

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Glasses, contacts and laser eye surgery. How do you choose?

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If you have shortsightedness you will want to know your options. Eye glasses are stylish but the range of vision is fairly limited. With contact lenses there is more freedom but it can be harmful if not used properly. Lasik treatment sounds frightening to you, so what do you do?
There are millions of people with limited vision and laser eye surgery is performed frequently. However, there continues to be millions more who use eye glasses and contact lenses. In the case of glasses, they are rather fashionable. Contact lenses are comfortable, yet eye doctors are skeptical when it comes down to it. Not everyone who uses contacts are careful with them. They either wear it for too long, do not take them off at night or just run the tap to wash them. This can be harmful to your eyes...
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