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Refractive errors


Refractive errors in your vision can prevent you from following your dream and passion. It can obstruct your daily tasks, and inconvenience you when you are trying to read fine print at a supermarket aisle without your glasses. If you have been busy studying for a final year university degree late into the night, and find that wearing glasses has caused an eye strain, removing them and massaging them will be relieving.

This is where LASIK eye surgery is effective in helping you see better without the frustration that you would otherwise experience. Good vision is necessary for just about any profession and hobby...

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What Causes Night Vision Blindness?

Roger Ressmeyer's Retina and Optic Nerve

There are quite number of factors to consider when diagnosing the cause of night vision. Many people, have trouble seeing in the night, where in most cases it is just blurry vision accompanied by Halos during the night. In some cases, you are able to see large objects, recognize faces instantly, but will struggle to watch television or work on the computer, and with other patients who experience night vision trouble, they are not able to see anything at all. The New Vision Eye Center in Dubai is specialized in diagnostics for night vision problems and are able to help you overcome the problem or manage it.

If you are experiencing trouble seeing clearly in the night, there are different health and eye tests that would need to be checked to correctly determine the cause of the symptom.


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