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How our vision changes with age


Don’t we all wish our life remains the same in terms of health and happiness? But unfortunately as with all things change is unavoidable. We all keep changing, our lifestyles keep changing and people around us keep changing. Our health will never be the same as when we were young. Just like all parts of our bodies our vision will also change. Proper eye care in Dubai can help you maintain your vision without greatdeterioration. Eye specialist in Dubai are able to guide you towards understanding the extent to which the vision can be affected with aging and steps which can be taken to prevent and treat various conditions.

Many eye doctors in Dubaiare only looked up by people after the vision has already greatly been affected by age and other environmental factors. Best eye sp...

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Refractive errors treatment plans


If you are experiencing a blurry view around the corners than an eye specialist in Dubai would be able to check if you are affected by the eye disorder known as refractive errors. Eye clinics in Dubai have attended to many patients with refractive errors where patients are unable to clearly focus on things which make the vision blurry. The blurred vision can vary depending on how long the eyes have been affected. 

Even with proper eye care in Dubai some eye conditions are not preventable. An eye doctor in Dubai is able to identify different types of visual impairments caused by refractive errors. Myopia, Hyperopia, presbyopia and Astigmatism are the common impairments...

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All about corneal ulcers


The best eye specialist in Dubai attends to many clients every day. Many individuals all over the world have received some kind of eye care treatment at some point in life.
It is rare for young people to require any special treatments to the eye other than corrective lenses and glasses; but many patients over the age of 40 have received various treatments including optilasik in Dubai, retinal treatment in Dubai and various refractive errors treatment in Dubai.

Many senior citizens require eye surgery to correct eye conditions especially if the issues are left unattended till the conditions worsen. Early consultation and regular eye check-ups can help physicians to diagnose and treat eye condition far more easily before it requires surgery to reverse the damage.

Various ey...

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All about implantable lenses


Eye care in Dubai has greatly expanded with new technologies. New treatments have been introduced through which eye specialist in Dubai are able to assist many patients to correct vision related issues. Any eye clinic in Dubai would be focussed on keeping up-to date with new research and treatments to be able to provide the best care for the patients.

One of the treatments the best eye specialist in Dubai recommends is implantable lenses, especially for patients with a severe case of Myopia. 
Many patients who use corrective glasses or lenses tend to complain about losing, misplacing or even breaking their glasses. This can be very annoying for people with a busy schedule to keep scheduling visits to the clinic to replace their glasses and lenses.

For many people removi...

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