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Step into the digital age with computer glasses


We have to change with times and with the Digital age, making progress with leaps and bounds, digital devices have incorporated it’s self into our lifestyles in many positive ways, for instance, giving us the freedom to connect, work, play, gather information and play at the speed of light. However, with all good things, there is also the downside, and with the digital devices its often exposure to blue light, digital eye strain and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), is what everyone needs to look out for, according to our Eye Surgeon Dubai.

Be warned that focusing your eyes on digital devices for long periods of time or throughout the day can cause eye fatigue and eyestrain. Today, most of the clients who come into our Eye Clinic , suffer or develop Digital Eye Strain, in a mild or severe fo...

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Prevent Vision loss for a better tomorrow!


At our Eye Care in Dubai, we have just concluded ‘Save Your Vision Month’, and what better time to increase your awareness of how to keep your eyes and vision healthy, than now. Many people are not aware that potential vision loss can be prevented or treated. However, it will all depend on timely treatment and how educated individuals are about their eye to spot potential eye health problems at the onset.

Our, Eye Specialist gives below a few important considerations that every individual should take to protect and preserve the precious gift of sight, Regular eye checkups ‐ This should be your number one priority.

Regular eye checks will detect the onset of poor eyesight or an eye condition which can then be treated immediately, this is critical to saving your vision...

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