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Keratoconus Treatments in Dubai


Eye care has become a vital service in Dubai to address increasing eye issues caused by changes in our lifestyle and in the environment.

Any eye clinics are able to carry out the basic eye examinations and prescribe eye drops and/or lenses as needed. With age many patients are faced with more serious eye issues which would need surgical interventions to correct the vision.

Keratoconus treatments is one such vital treatment. This can even be a problem for the young as well as the old. Keratoconus occurs when the middle part of the corner begins to thin out, resulting in the cornea starting to bulge out almost like a cone shape. This can impact the vision significantly and can also affect the proportion of the eyes.

A cause for this disease is yet to be found but experts have linked that rub...

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Effects of screen time on childrens eye sight


Spending too much time in front of screens is the main reason for the increase in Bad eye sign in Dubai. Being a very visually demanding task, the eyes work the muscles hard to focus on the pictures and texts in the screen. Not only if it hard work focusing the muscles but the muscles also remained locked in this position for the whole duration of the screen time.

In Dubai care for eye sight is taking a major importance as Eye specialist in Dubai report many new cases every day. Many children and adults complain of sore and tired eyes, especially after long screen times. The ability to change the focus of the eyes from the screen to a faraway object is also affected with long use...

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Maintaining your eyesight with age


Eye issues can greatly affect the day to day life of any individual. We all understand how important our eyesight is to be able to work effectively. Whether to read, travel, research and communicate we use our eyesight extensively. People who are born blind and who has lost their eyesight over the years miss out on many things in life, and any eye hospital in Dubai are careful to never let their patients reach the point of losing their vision.

Skilled eye specialist serving at the best dental clinics are dedicated towards expanding their knowledge and learning new treatments to be able to provide their patients with the best possible care possible, e.g. Laser vision correction – lasik Dubai. Any eye hospital will be equipped to treat various eye conditions from cataract surgery in Dubai t...

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