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Refractive error treatment in Dubai


Eye care in Dubai is now greatly looked up by young and old. With the advances in technology the eyes tend to get the weariest from day to day activities carried out by many. From televisions to TV games and handheld devices including phones and tabs the eye strain is gradually increasing in the population around the world. People tend to need corrective lenses at a younger age to correct many complains related to their vision. But for some eye issues are not related to their daily functions and are caused by genetics.

Besides the common eye complaints including long sight and short sight, if you are experiencing a blurry view around the corners than an eye specialist would be able to check if you are affected by the eye disorder known as refractive errors...

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Keratoconus Treatment options in Dubai


Eye care is a vital service provided around the world. Specially in Dubai where the population is high and pollution can have an adverse effect on many individuals health, the eye sight does get affected now more than in the earlier years.

Keratoconus is an eye condition where the vision get distorted by  a thinning and bulging cornea. This keratoconus focus can be fixed through various options available specially as keratoconous treatments.

For mild focus issues, eye doctors would recommend soft contact lenses or eyeglasses. These will treat the astigmatism and mild near-sightedness that can be a caused by the early stages of keratoconous. Later on a RGP contact lens would be recommended to correct the vision issue better.

RGP contact lenses stand for Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses...

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