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What to expect after LASIK eye surgery


LASIK Eye Surgery in Dubai is a life changing experience for everyone who undergoes this revolutionary procedure. For some individuals, it is the first time they are able to see things clearly in front of them without glasses, after many years. For others, it is a big lifestyle change that seems like a dream come true. Individuals who have this treatment, don’t have to worry about wearing contact lenses ever again.

However, because the procedure for LASIK, has so much significance and requires a lot of research and understanding, many people often think about what they can expect before and during the procedure. For example, how they should prepare themselves, what the procedure consists of, asking the Eye Doctor in Dubai any questions and concerns they may have.

While it is important fo...

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Common eye disorders you should know about


The Eye Specialist in Dubai, says "Our eyes are a very sensitive and intricate part of the body. When they work well, they give us the much needed power of our eyesight, something that we should not take for granted and feel blessed to experience. However, there are many ailments that can affect a person’s vision, most often requiring some type of treatment or solution from an Eye Care in Dubai, so that one can continue to lead their life without interruption or obstacles to their vision.

Here are three of the most common eye disorders and what exactly can be done to minimize their effects on your daily life,

  • Nearsightedness – This condition affects both adults and children around the world...
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