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Eye disorders that can affect Adults


The aging process is a natural part of life. With age comes certain advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include having more free time during retirement, recollect the memories of the family and have more confidence in making decisions. Also, there are certain disadvantages to the aging process as well, for instance the most significant being certain eye disorders that often affect older adults, explains a reputed Eye Specialist in Dubai.

Cataracts – A cataract is a condition that affects older people, it is the progressive clouding of the eye’s natural crystalline lens, and can cause increasingly blurry vision. In its early stages, Cataracts in Dubai can be treated with glasses or contact lenses...

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Keep Calm and call your Eye Surgeon

Dr. Debra Koloms performs cataract surgery Wednesday in an operating room at the Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center in Ogdensburg. On Tuesday Dr. Koloms performed the first lasik surgery at Center for Sight, 420 Ford St. in Ogdensburg. (kidwell storyÉ01/25/12)

Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful. – Helen Keller

According to the Eye Doctor in Dubai, all individual’s have different eyes, in terms of vision, color, shape and size. Understanding how each individual sees more  differently than the other and how the eyes change over a period of time, is information that one cannot say no to as its detrimental in protecting vision and preventing vision loss.

Here is some information provided by the well experienced Eye Surgeon in Dubai.

Normal vision – It often refers to 20/20 vision. This means that objects that are 20 feet away can be seen perfectly and clearly. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has perfect vision...

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The curious case of Eye Floaters


According to the Eye Clinic in Dubai, eye floaters are similar to life rafts, they are small spots that appear in an individual’s line of vision and give the person a sense that something is floating in their eyes. This condition becomes very obvious when the individual looks at a bright object or a landscape, like the sky or a white piece of paper.

As annoying as it sounds eye floaters does not interfere with an individual’s sight or their lifestyle. However, there can be times that a particularly large eye floater may interfere with a person’s eyesight and only occurs during certain times of the day or in certain types of light.

Those who suffer from this condition, ignore it and learn to live with it, and eye floaters can become less noticeable and may not be much of a nuisance over a p...

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Cataract surgery when vision fails

cataract surgery

Cataracts are the number one cause for visual loss in Dubai. While, the simple diagnosis of a patient having cataracts in Dubai, is not a reason to consider having surgery, when vision fails, you should give careful consideration for having it removed as early as possible.

There are many reasons why you should not postpone surgery once your vision fails. Poor vision leads to difficulty going through daily activities like reading road signs and even reading the newspaper, many traffic accidents have been attributed to poor vision, especially at night. While it is more difficult for even people with good sight to see or drive at night, this problem becomes worse when an individual has impaired vision. Many patients at the Eye Clinic in Dubai with moderate cataract formation, often have goo...

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