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Lasik Treatments in Dubai

Lasik Eye Surgery

Eyes are the most valued possession for any person on Earth. The importance of the eyes is amply explained when someone uses the expression “To protect as one’s own eyes”. It means they accord the same protection to someone or something that they would lavish normally only on their own eyes.

So, if these eyes were to become afflicted by some kind of condition or disease, naturally, you would become highly worried, wouldn’t you? You would want only the very best treatment for your eyes at the hands of the best eye surgeons you could think of, at the best eye clinic in the city.

One of the best eye clinics in Dubai is undoubtedly the New Vision Eye Center at Al Razi Building, 64 3rd Floor-Block C Room 3008-3009 in the Dubai Healthcare City...

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What is Computer Eye Strain

Computer Eye Strain

Computer eye strain is a condition that is a direct result of people spending more and more time in front of a computer screen, says a reputed Eye Doctor in Dubai, Dr. Safwan Al Baytai of the New Vision Eye Center Dubai, an eye clinic that specializes in not only dealing with detrimental eye issues and diseases that require surgery but also basic eye care procedures along with outfitting clients with prescription medicines and corrective eye ware. The clinic offers a complete range of services from customizing Lasik procedures, cataract surgeries, a retina center to correct retinal disorders and much more.

We can all blame the social media networks and the internet for having people glued to their computer screens, smart phones and tablets, and these devices gives when used all ...

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Are you a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery?

Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery Dubai has come a long way since its debut procedure, which was performed in 1980s. Today, with the development of laser technology and the newest vision related research, eye surgeons are in a better position to perform this life-changing procedure on patient’s with different types of vision problems and conditions. The results are exceptionally good and improves  eyesight and provides a comfortable and healthy lifestyle for patients who undergo LASIK Treatment in Dubai.

However, as with all types of medical procedure, LASIK Eye Surgery is not always the best option for every patient’s with vision related problems. Patient’s must first meet with their eye surgeon to make sure they are eligible candidates for LASIK in Dubai and that there are no other complic...

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