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What happened to your vision?


If you were born with perfect vision and lived happily for many years without any issues with your vision you may be wondering what happened to that perfect vision you had been enjoying when diagnosed and prescribed for lenses for long sightedness.

How the eye functions

To understand what causes of long-sightedness, one must first understand how the eye is meant to work. The eye consists of many parts; the main 4 parts of the eye which contributes to your vision is the cornea, the retina, the lens and the optic nerve.

Light in the atmosphere enters the eye and passes to the lens through the cornea. This is then focused on the retina as the image which is converted into the signals which is passed on to the brain through the optic nerve...

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The specialists who look after your eyes


The name Dr. Safwan Al-Bayati may not sound strange to most of you living in the United Arab Emirates. He is so synonymous with eyes and vision that he is known even beyond the shores of the Gulf as an expert in eye surgery. He is renowned across the world as a top eye surgeon in Dubai.

Dr. Al-Bayati specialises in all vision-related diseases and is a renowned ophthalmologist, a specialist in the branch of medical science dealing with the anatomy, functions, and diseases of the eye. He is also the Medical Director of New Vision Eye Center, a top dental clinic located at the Dubai Healthcare City.

Career path

Here we outline his career path into becoming the leading eye doctor in Dubai.

Having always been interested in a medical career, the young Al-Bayati earned his medical degree from the...

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Low vision, a serious issue which shouldn’t be ignored


Going blind is a fear entertained by almost all human beings. In fact, it’s identified as one of the biggest fears that people suffer from, regardless of being rich or poor, young or old, men or women.

Coming close to total blindness is low vision, and if ignored, it may eventually lead to total blindness. Low vision is a visual impairment that should not be taken lightly and is especially serious as it cannot be corrected through surgery, medication or corrective eyewear such as spectacles or contact lenses although lasik treatment in Dubai may help.

So, how does one know that he/she is suffering from low vision? Partial sight such as blurred vision, blind spots and tunnel vision (loss of peripheral vision) are some of the first signs that a person’s vision is deteriorating...

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