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Could lasik surgery be done after a cataract operation?


Lasik eye treatment is modern day, popular surgery option that is used to correct vision in individuals who suffer from astigmatism and common vision problems such as farsightedness and nearsightedness.

All vision treatments that laser oriented are done by reshaping the cornea, that clean the front section of the eye, so that the light that travels through can properly focus on the retina , that is located in the back of your eye. Lasik treatments in Dubai have become increasingly popular, and many young adults and even the elderly have sought laser eye surgery for corrective measures.

Cataract and Lasik treatment

For a short period of time, it was believed that for individuals who followed cataract operations were unable to proceed with Lasik treatment...

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The ultimate guide to Lasik eye surgery

lasik eye surgery

LASIK or Lasik laser eye surgery is a type of eye surgery that can completely fix poor eyesight.

This surgery is performed by ophthalmologists who use a laser to reshape the cornea and correct visual abnormalities. LASIK is often ranked as the best eye corrective method and serves as a better alternative to contact lenses and optical eyeglasses. 

Anyone with poor eye vision can get this surgery done in Dubai. People with high myopia and thin corneas are not treatable with LASIK – but there are other alternatives for such patients. Pregnant women cannot undergo this procedure until after six weeks of delivery.

Wearing glasses can be inhibiting when doing physical activities and wearing contact lenses for more than a few hours can irritate eyes...

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Trio of tips before your lasik surgery

healthy eyes of a young girl

As humans, we are blessed to be able to assess the world around us with our senses. Of the five, the primary sense is easily our eyesight. It enables us to take in various traits of our environment such as colours, shapes, textures and many others. In fact, it is a blessing that is to be cherished as unfortunately, there are those who are born without this ability and have to rely on their alternate senses for direction. As much as this can help to some extent, at the same time to not have your sight can have quite a huge impact. Blindness can either be caused at birth, or later in life through an injury or trauma suffered to the area. Other factors such as old age and improper medical attention can also lead to issues.

As a resident of the UAE, if you are looking to maybe address...

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