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Cataracts And How To Counter Them


Cataracts are a plague to eyesight and vision. A cataract is a cloudiness in the lens of the eye that causes a decrease in vision. Since the eye lens is clear, it allows light to enter and focus on whatever the person is seeing. When a cataract develops, this lens becomes cloudy and cuts off the light entering the eye, making it difficult to see and focus.

Cataracts are a leading factor in half the cases of blindness, most commonly seen in older adults. If left untreated, they can grow into a serious problem. At this point in time, surgically removing cataracts is still the only known cure in the field of medicine, especially when the cataract is at an advanced state...

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Nervous About Lasik surgery? Don’t Be. Here’s Why


Worried about Lasik eye surgery? Well, it is normal to feel nervous before any surgery, particularly eye surgery. After all, it is your eyes that are being operated on. No one could be perfectly fine with any kind of surgery. So yes, nervousness is normal.

In the case of Lasik eye treatment, the honest truth is you have nothing to worry about. However, for anyone feeling the nerves, we are here to help you overcome it by addressing actual facts of the surgery itself.

What if Lasik eye surgery is painful?

Maybe you think Lasik eye surgery will be painful. No, laser treatment is not painful. The laser also known as the Excimer is a cold laser. And its job is to produce light in the ultraviolet range. Here’s how the light is broken down...

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Getting The Best Care For Your Eyes


When it comes to taking care of our body, we all like to do the right thing at the right time and make sure our body stays healthy. Some parts of our body need better care as they are very sensitive. If you look at the ear, taking care of it is not hard since the ear is already protected naturally. However, if something happens to the ear we have to go the doctor immediately without trying to fix the problem ourselves as the ear is a very sensitive part of our body. In the same manner, the eye is also a very important part in our body. It is easily hurt, if we do not take care to protect it. Also, other than accidents that can have an effect on the eye, it can also suffer from different types of diseases.

One of the most concerning facts about eye care was finding a way to ope...

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