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New Vision’s Top 3 Concerns For Superior Service

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 As one of Dubai’s leading providers of eyecare, we’re needless to say humbled and highly honoured to bear this prestigious title. We’re also driven by a sense of responsibility, not just to our patients in Dubai, but to the industry as a whole. The way we see it, it takes a lot of hands to contribute towards a bigger goal and every little bit counts. We’ve worked hard in the past, and we continue to work hard on a daily basis not just in our individual capacities, but as a team. Actually, teamwork is at the heart of what we do, because we strongly believe in joint collaborations for shared success. The successful results of a treatment are not ever owing to one solitary person: it’s all of us, and we make it a point to remember that whether we deal with LASIK in Dubai or a case...

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3 Reasons Why People Are Rapidly Losing Vision In The 21st Century


As a health-oriented organisation that’s committed to improving one of the most delicate senses there are, we at New Vision Eye Center are witnesses to a whole host of visual catastrophes on a regular basis. From not-so-serious to extremely serious conditions, the situations are wide and varied as is the demographic of people who come to us for help. This inevitably leads to observation and analysis, which as a reliable eye institute is one of our primary responsibilities. And we can’t help but notice certain key aspects aside from the increased interest about LASIK in Dubai which are especially relevant to our 21st century lifestyles.

It can’t be denied that times have changed considerably and as much as this is a good thing in many ways, in some others it’s causing numerous health de...

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Is There Hope For Better Eyesight? New Vision Proves There Is, In 3 Simple Ways

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We all know that the human body is a natural machine that more or less functions 24/7. Yes, even when you’re sleeping. So when one of these systems break down or fail to operate as they should, naturally you’d feel unstable; like something’s missing. And as much as every single body part is indisputably important, there are some which are more so than others. For us at New Vision Eye Center, it’s the eyes. In fact, we’re also quite certain that eyesight is one of the most precious senses amongst most. So as you can imagine, we give a great deal of attention to the subject and meticulously comb through developments in the field so treatments such as LASIK in Dubai for instance, will improve.

For those of you who’ve struggled with your own visual issues or watched loved ones go thr...

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