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The Human Eye Broken Down Into 3 Parts


Quite understandably, the human eye has often been dubbed the most intricate organ in our human body. Given that we’re able to take in 90% of the world around us through sight, you can only imagine why. What’s even more astounding is that something with so much functionality, is actually quite small. Frankly, it’s mind-boggling; but it’s yet another one of nature’s enigmatic creations that we humans can break down, but can’t ever quite fathom.

Just like you only get one life (that you know of), on earth, you also only get one pair of eyes to navigate your way about. Which means that you need to take care of your eyes just like you protect your life. By way of stringent eye health and proper eye care, you can ensure your eyes remain as good as they are for a while...

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3 Simple Tips To Ease You Into Life After Eye Surgery


Surgery of any kind isn’t something to be taken lightly. When it’s eye surgery in question, this becomes even more serious. After all, we’re talking about one of the most delicate organs in the human body, that’s responsible for one of our most valued senses: sight. As you can imagine, it isn’t something to be played around with. Continuous eye care and proper eye health is essential to ensuring you can make the most of your eyes even well into old age.

Today, there are different types of eye surgeries catered for different types of problems.

Refractive errors for instance are treated for permanent results via LASIK, and LASIK in dubai has in the recent past been highly sought after for the same...

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3 Modern Day Habits To Promote Eye Health With Your Kids


In a world that’s become increasingly digitised and technologically-driven, it’s more important than ever that we instill the best practices and values in our kids. Already, there are many unhealthy patterns that have emerged thanks to fast foods, video games and countless other inventions threatening the health of future generations. Of course all of these things can be indulged in, but in moderation. And when you combine poor diets with poor lifestyle habits, kids are at risk of ruining their health before they even know what’s happening.

Whilst some conditions such as refractive errors can arise from genetic defects which is beyond anyone’s control, these can be treated with LASIK in dubai for instance when they are of age...

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How New Vision Eye Centre Can Help Clear Your Vision In 3 Ways


Under the patronage of our founder Dr. Safwan Al-Bayati, we at New Vision Eye Centre have spent many years growing and expanding in the field of eyecare. During those years, we’ve also been able to successfully help many people with their various eye problems, both direct and indirect. We’ve examined many debilitating conditions, some incurable some more easily so, across all walks of life. And if there’s one thing we’re confident about, it’s in our ability to offer each and every single one of our patients the very best in treatment.

However, we think it’s important to mention that we couldn’t do any of this without significant support from our team of doctors, medical personnel, and of course our state-of-the art equipment and medical procedures. Thanks to Dr...

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3 Lessons To Teach Your Kids About Eye Care Today


The fact that today’s kids are growing up in a world far, far more different than the one they would’ve is one that’s already established. They’re the children of the digital age: generations that know how to operate DVD players before the age of 2 and how to lock and unlock your mobile phone without you even teaching them to. In some ways, they seem like a different species; except they aren’t. They’re just more advanced, modernised and tech-enhanced beings. In fact, they seem to be teaching us about technology. And as much as this can be a good thing on one hand, on the other, it’s giving way to a host of whole new problems, particularly eyesight related.

While we have plenty of options to rectify certain issues through surgery, such as long/short-sightedness through LASIK ...

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3 Important 21st Century Rules For Improved Eye Health

lasik eye surgery dubai

Ever since the dawn of the 21st century, it goes without saying that the world and the human race as a whole, have progressed at unfathomable speeds. Frankly, ever since the Internet made its way into our homes, things have never really been the same. Our lives are more fast-paced, increasingly developed and without a doubt, enhanced. Industries such as science and medicine are making breakthrough discoveries regularly, offering hope to millions of people around the globe. The very universe it would seem, is at our fingertips.

However, we’re not invincible. Only too often we’re reminded of what it means to be truly human...

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