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Lasik Broken Down Into 3 Insightful Points

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As the world keeps introducing itself to novel technological advancements and adapts to the digital age that’s upon us, we as humans, are in a way forced to update our systems too: much like computers need to be re-programmed and updated periodically. And that means coming to terms with developments in most industries, particularly medicine, seeing as how we need it for our own well-being. We now have ample sources to obtain the information we need from, so frankly there’s no excuse for ignorance anymore.

On that note, we’re here to explain LASIK or to use its full name, Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a dramatic rise in the number of people interested in LASIK in dubai...

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Cataract Treatment Explained In 3 Simple Points


Aside from refractive errors like short-sightedness and long-sightedness, the next most prevalent eye condition in the world is cataract. In fact, it’s more incredibly widespread and common than you’d think. What’s less common is knowledge on how to tackle it and treat it. What’s actually more disconcerting, is the fact that many aren’t even aware of when cataract being creeping up on them because they have no idea what the symptoms are like. Which is why we urge all of you to read up and educate yourselves so the minute you notice something abnormal, you can consult our experts and get a professional opinion.

Unlike treatments like LASIK in dubai though, cataracts are easier to deal with. Actually, a majority of cataracts are most likely treatable too...

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3 Things You Didn’t Know Damages Your Eyes

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Much as you’re a little wiser on your eye health hopefully in part to us, there’s still a lot you can do to ensure you enjoy good eyesight for as long as possible. If you come from a family that has genetically linked eye conditions, then that means you’re probably at risk too; which in turn means that you need to be extra vigilant. Believe it or not, sometimes, habits we don’t give much thought to, are exactly what we should be rectifying and avoiding in the first place.

Of course when it comes to conditions like refractive errors which can occur from birth, and can be fixed with LASIK eye surgery in dubai once one is old enough, that’s a whole other topic. Here, we’re going to be tackling everyday lifestyle changes you can incorporate to help you maintain healthy eyesight...

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What Is The Recovery Period For Lasik Eye Surgery Like?

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While the word surgery may keep you guessing about the recovery period of Lasik eye treatment, it is surprising to many to know it is quick and hassle free. From the first few moments after surgery, you will see a significant improvement in the quality of your vision. Within a few days you are back to a normal routine. However, is everyone fortunate enough to experience a normal recovery?

The reality of recovery depends on a number of things. The speed of a patient’s recovery relies on factors like overall health, age, the quality of performance and type of treatment. If you want to experience a typical recovery post Lasik in Dubai, you need to find a high quality eye clinic in Dubai with leading eye surgeons performing laser eye surgery.

The eye clinic should offer you a thorough screen...

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What Is Presbyopia, And When Does It Start?

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Presbyopia means old eye, or the natural effects of aging of the eye. The first sign of this condition is the inability to focus on close objects and to read fine print. If you find yourself holding the newspaper away from you to see clearly or squinting, you are likely suffering from Presbyopia. In addition, you may experience eyestrain, stress and headaches.

The bad news is many people ignore this condition. You don’t take notice of what is happening to your vision and so it gets worse over time. You may not warm up to the idea of wearing reading glasses. However, this is not your only option.

As soon as you start experiencing symptoms, you need to go in for a comprehensive eye examination...

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How Do I Know If Laser Eye Surgery Is Good For Me?

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When Lasik eye treatment is lined up against glasses or contact lenses, it is obvious which one you should pick to correct your vision. However, many people are still reluctant to undergo laser eye surgery for different reasons. Some are fearful, others are not fully informed on the procedure and opt out of the one thing that will correct vision on the long term. It has been determined that Lasik in Dubai offers high quality experience and unrivaled level of performance. Although Lasik treatment in Dubai may be the best alternative, how do you know if it is good for you?

If you have an unstable prescription

Lasik eye treatment demands a stable prescription, this is one of the main requirements...

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Why Millions Of People Choose Lasik Eye Treatment, And How It Benefits You

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Wearing contact lenses or glasses is not the most convenient thing, you can’t live without them but you wish you could. You put up with all the inconveniences, annoyances and frustrations just because they help you see. However, do they really benefit you? You seem to be compromising on second best, when the best alternative is still out there.

With ample benefits, Lasik treatment in Dubai will make you see what you have been missing out on life up until now. Just imagine, reading a book without your glasses, going hiking or waking up to clear images. It looks like it is time to say goodbye to the past, and welcome your clear eyed future.

Did you know most sportsmen and women opt to have Lasik in Dubai to attain clear vision, because some games and sports require perfect vision? For instan...

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Glass Wearers Should Know These 6 Things

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Many people find glasses cool. However, there are some things that are not that cool about it, like the oily rims, for instance. What about the feeling of waking up without them and not knowing where you are, because for the life of you, you cannot see a thing. Everything is still blurry shadows. You can also never remember where you left them. You know you need an alternative to wearing glasses, and we will get to that in a minute. In the meantime, as a glass wearer what are your experiences?

You usually take blind showers. Since you possible cannot wear your glasses in the shower, it is always quick and rather blind. If you put them on, they get foggy. Next, you have to spend a good ten minutes wiping them down, you’d rather stick to showering without them.

You have dozed off with glasse...

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Worried About Lasik Eye Treatment? You Don’t Have To Be

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Most people have a weird sensation about someone else touching your eyes. Laser or Lasik eye treatment is directly related to your eyes, so it is bound to make you cringe. You might have a strange feeling when preparing for laser eye surgery, but even a bit of negativity can make it a recipe for total fear.

It has an unfortunate name yes, however, Lasik treatment in Dubai is nothing to feel anxious about. It isn’t anything like you see in the movies. In fact, laser eye surgery is over within minutes, 15 minutes per eye to be exact. There are a number of questions you may have, like will it be painful? Will I lose my sight? Much of the fear about Lasik treatment is the unknown...

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