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Lasik Treatment And The Freedom Of Travelling

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We all love to take a break every now and then, whether it is sunning by the beach or climbing up a cool mountain. However, if you wear glasses or contact lenses travelling will be an inconvenience from remembering to pack the solution of your new contact lenses to ensuring your glasses don’t get scratched. There’s also the issue of glasses getting lost or breaking. There are so many things to consider when traveling, which more often than not take the enjoyment out of the trip.

People who fly also suffer from dry eyes during long flying spells. At the same time air conditioned buses have many people suffering from the same condition...

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Concerns About Laser Eye Surgery

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A common concern about Lasik eye treatment is the misconception it has numerous side effects. You may fear the surgery is painful and recovery hard. This is not true. An expert eye surgeon in Dubai who specializes in laser eye surgery will ensure the procedure is painless and short. You will be done with it before you even feel anything. And the discomfort following surgery will be at a minimal.

At one time laser eye surgery was considered daring, it is not anymore. Lasik in Dubai has been around for nearly quarter century and thousands of procedures are carried out weekly. Successful treatment worldwide is now at 35 million but there seems to be lingering concerns on the procedure itself. The majority of complications stemming from Lasik eye treatment happen at the initial assessment...

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Do I Have To Be Awake During Lasik Eye Treatment?

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Many people are afraid of laser eye surgery because you stay awake and the automatic notion is there is a higher risk of complication. This is one of the primary reasons people with poor vision opt out of the surgery. While staying awake sounds nerve wracking, remember your eye surgeon in Dubai is a specialist in Lasik treatment and being conscious doesn’t necessarily mean something could go wrong.

Many people, post surgery mention how painless the whole thing is, and are pleasantly surprised by the procedure.

Numbing drops are applied to avoid any discomfort. You will barely feel any movement of the procedure itself. Your laser eye surgeon will make you feel comfortable throughout the process by communicating with you, step by step...

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Though it’s easy to not take things like health seriously during your youth, most people often wish they had once they hit old age. That’s actually mainly because they can’t do much about it now, except live with the repercussions of their decisions. So if you’d rather not live to regret, it’d be a good idea to get active and do something about it right away. Whilst full health checkups are very important as other conditions such as diabetes also do affect the health of your eyesight, don’t forget to book yourself for eye tests separately as well.

If you’re born with visual problems like refractive errors, then permanent treatment options like LASIK in dubai may be for you...

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You know by now that what you put into your body is what you get out. Problem is, not many really stick by this. Actually, people typically only begin to take notice and do something about a problem when it’s a little too late. In the case of your eye health, you should know that once your vision is compromised, it’s quite difficult to regain it, and in some instances even leads to blindness. Trying to navigate your way through life without vision is not a situation you want to find yourself in, so it’s important to be vigilant in retaining it.

Whilst things like regular visits to an ophthalmologist and eye tests are an important part of this, what you consume on a daily basis is also just as important...

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If there’s one thing we’ve noticed doing what we do for so long, it’s the fact that most people out there seem to be taking their eyes for granted. Frankly it makes no sense at all seeing as how our eyesight is responsible for us taking in around 97% of our surroundings, thereby making sense of our environment. However, that’s the situation as it stands, and we need to do something about it. We at New Vision are wholly invested in the eye health of our patients, and we want you to be able to enjoy superior visual clarity for as long as possible. We tend to find people taking better care of their eyes before a big surgery like LASIK in dubai for instance, but we want to make this a regular practice.

One thing we’d like to point out is that some of the oversights that are commonly ma...

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