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Let’s Tackle Your Top 5 Lasik Treatment Fears

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You are going to have Lasik treatment to correct your vision. The procedure has you worried. Your eyes are your most prized possession, you wonder if you are putting them in harm’s way. Eyes are delicate and you can’t help thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

While there are rumours and myths floating online, Lasik in Dubai is considered one of the safest surgeries in the world. To ease your fears let’s tackle the top 5.

Will I be awake?

Yes, you will be. Your eyes are open but this is not the re-enactment of the scary movie you saw on television. With top eye surgeons in Dubai you will be guided every step of the way long before you are taken to the theatre. Your doctor will take the time to get to know your eyes...

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Exercise, Your Eye Health & Lasik

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As we get older one way to keep fit and age gracefully is through regular exercise. It is also known to slow the degenerative process related to aging. However, did you that there exists a co-relation between exercise and your eyes? Recent research has indicated that regular fitness and training can slow muscular degeneration. If you are wondering what muscular degeneration is, it is a condition which affects the back of your eyes.

Studies show that in the US alone, people with vision problems will double by 2050. One way this can be reduced is through comprehensive eye exams. At the same time exercise and training can help with common eye conditions.

– Walking or running regularly can minimize the risk of cataract related to age

– Exercising two to three times a week will reduce the r...

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Regular Eye Tests & Lasik Treatment

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Having regular eye tests are important as you may have heard time and again, but in truth how many people actually visit an eye surgeon in Dubai unless you have a vision problem to begin with?

Also, not every vision problems starts with something being wrong with your eyes. It can be that you have headaches, dizziness, lethargy and even breathlessness. It is only during the latter stages that your vision may start to cause problems, usually by this time your eyesight may have been damaged to an extent. The importance of eye exams is many times health conditions are not immediately obvious. If you take glaucoma for instance, there are almost no symptoms to begin with until it has started eating into your eyes, and then when you figure it out it may be too late...

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A Quick Guide On The Technology Of Lasik Treatment

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The human eye is a fascinating and complex organ in your body. Aside from your brain, it has the most complex structure. The photosensitive cells in your eyes allow you to see the world just as it is. And it is only right that for such a complex system, only the most advanced technology would do.

The complexity of your eyes is not just limited to lens prescription. They are incredibly unique and contain minute differences that may not be visible to the naked eye. If you plan to have Lasik treatment then you should understand the technology. This will help you pick a laser eye surgery clinic with the safest and most advanced equipment and system.

In brief you can look at the latest laser system and comprehensive scanner system...

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Now You Can Do Away With Reading Glasses. Lasik Treatment To The Rescue

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Do you hold the paper further and further away, squint when reading fine print or avoid reading labels during shopping altogether? You may be suffering from presbyopia which is the loss of near vision that usually occurs in the mid-forties. May be the symptoms are clear or you have been diagnosed already. However, when most people are given the news the automatic reaction is to consider getting reading glasses or bifocals.

Let’s look at reading glasses. Sure, when you can find them they get the job done but they are also prone to breaking, getting lost and making you appear older than your age. Glasses can also result in unsightly marks on the nose. What’s worse is that many people suffer from shop bought glasses which can cause eye strain and headaches.

Of course, reading glasses offe...

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Protect Your Eyes At Work With Lasik Treatment

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The only real time your attention is drawn to your eyes is when you get back home after a long hard day at work. You may notice that they look tired. Your eyes feel strained and you find yourself constantly rubbing them to keep the fuzzy out.

Our eyes are used every minute of everyday. Many of these hours are spent in front of a computer screen and on other devices. In the UK alone, statistics point out that screen time for a person on average is 12 hours. You have clients breathing down your neck, and managers waiting for you to wrap up the deadlines so there is not much you can do except stare at the screen all day long.

At the same time with poor quality work settings and shorter breaks it is hard to give your eyes the attention and care it needs...

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The Importance Of Cataract Treatment

With the latest technology of Lasik in Dubai, treating your eyes to its maximum potential so that you can finally walk the streets without your beloved visual aid has become a reality! We here at New Vision Eye Center, have specialized in providing procedures which include state of the art machinery and extensive care in carrying out these surgeries to ensure that you get your sight back to perfection!

While one of the most common conditions for blurred vision comes through the formation of a cataract on your eye, which is a cloudy substance which could arise in your eye due to reasons such as aging could only be remedied through surgery...

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The Latest Technology For Your Eyes In Dubai

Many of us have eye conditions. Some of these conditions have been present since birth while some have come through aging or even as side effects of other medical conditions. Back then most conditions were simply treated with spectacles and some of us who felt insecure and uncomfortable about wearing spectacles simply stuck with wearing contact lenses which only was a temporary fix and did nothing really to improve your sight from within. It is the same process with spectacles which may help those of you who wear them for the purposes of getting continuous headaches to relieve you of this issue, while your sight itself will take a much longer time to improve and this too only happens in a very limited number of patients.
It’s time to take action!
Afraid of surgery? Don’t be...

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Ultra Lasik Treatment; The New Trend

Tired of wearing spectacles? Isn’t it just such a hassle in the morning, when you wake up to a blur and then you need to feel around your bedside table for your spectacles? And the situation obviously gets much worse when instead of waking up in the morning; you need to find your spectacles in the dark in case of an emergency at night while you are sleeping? Specially those of you who are young would know the hassle between swapping from contact lenses to spectacles because you may feel insecure and find it annoying when your favorite eye liner isn’t visible through the big glasses you are wearing. Ladies can you relate?

If you really want to stop depending on visual aid and are looking towards that promising promotion at your work place or even wanting to change carriers but your ey...

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