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Long-Sighted Vision And Laser Eye Surgery

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When you hit your 40s, it is likely you will experience deterioration in your eyesight. It will be a gradual process where you first start to notice difficulty seeing objects at a close distance. This is common in most people from the age of 40 to 60. You may think nothing of it at first, even dismissing it when someone mentions that you might need glasses. However, the annoyance is bound to persist and soon you will find you can barely make out things at close quarters, like even reading the newspaper will become a challenge.

If you are employed, then reading emails on the computer, text messages on the phone or the report that was thrust your way which needs to be reviewed quickly will become difficult a challenge, thus, making you less productive...

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Determining If Lasik Is Suitable For People Over The Age of 50

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The last two decades have seen Lasik treatment improve considerably and reach a point where poor vision can be corrected in people of all prescriptions and ages. In the past, eye surgery was recommended to people of a certain age, prescription and good health. Technology was still in its infancy so this kind of thinking was understandable. However, with technology advancing in leaps and bound laser eye surgery has advanced in terms of safety with a success rate of 96%.

The over 50’s have started to gain accessibility to Lasik treatment. While in the past it was thought that age was indeed a barrier for this demographic, and the only alternative was to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses...

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Is Your Vision Blurry And Foggy In The Morning?

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If you find yourself stumbling out of the room and fumbling for the light you are probably experiencing blurry vision. Having blurry vision is akin to a nightmare you are awake for. You can barely navigate through the things right in front of you or get a proper look at yourself in the mirror. For most glasses or contact wearers this is a typical day.

You don’t need to listen to some early morning motivational coach droning on about how the first few moments of the morning can impact the rest of the day and how it pans out. When most of your morning is spent in a blurry fog, that is from the moment you wake up until you put on your glasses or contact lenses the rest of the day may feel like a real challenge...

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