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Your Vision As You Get Older

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The moment you are born, the biological clock starts ticking. Scientist claim that by the time you hit 25, your physical body has become used to fighting against aging. However, when you close in on 40 the real battle begins. Aging ramps up and the fighting gets real. Soon the aging process takes over and the production of new cells starts to take a backseat. Aging affects people in different ways which also means that organs don’t deteriorate at the same speed. However, at some point you can expect to suffer from poor vision.

In your early forties you will experience diminished eyesight. The quality of your vision will decrease by the time you approach your mid-forties. This is the start of presbyopia. It is the difficulty to focus on nearby objects...

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Anxious About Laser Eye Surgery?

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It is normal to feel anxious when surgery is being performed on your eyes. Any kind of surgery would make a person nervous, this is more so considering your eyes are your most prized possession. Sweaty palms, dilating pupils, butterflies in the stomach and increased heart rate are some of the common symptoms of anxiety. It is similar to sitting for an exam, your body experiences the anxiety as its response to what you are feeling.

One of the most important ways to combat nerves is to have a better knowledge and understanding of the procedure. This can rationalize your thinking and not base it on emotion-driven thoughts.

The truth is patients do not have to worry about Lasik in Dubai. To manage the nerves let’s address some of those questions.

Will there be pain?

The Excimer laser that is u...

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Laser Eye Surgery Suitability

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How do you determine if you are a suitable candidate for Lasik treatment in Dubai? We all have different vision problems and one of the best ways to find out is to visit your eye surgeon for a consultation. The eye clinic will assess your prescription by running a number of tests to check the general structure of your eyes, overall eye health and stability. There are a few factors that need to be considered when determining suitability for treatment, but let’s look at the more important ones.

Your Prescription

Suitability depends on visual quality and ocular anatomy, so it cannot be determined on prescription alone. However, for patients with a higher prescription it will be necessary to consult with an eye surgeon.

Over the Age of 18

Patients below the age of 18 are not suitable for l...

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How Laser Eye Surgery Has Advanced

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To many, laser eye surgery may sound like an idea uprooted from a science fiction novel, however, the truth is laser treatment was first introduced to the world a quarter century ago. The patient lies beneath the machine and the invisible laser will remove the tissue permanently from the eye and transform into 20/20 vision within minutes.

Since its inception, the procedure has advanced technologically and gone from strength to strength. There are massive strides made every year with stricter safety systems, deeper expertise and powerful techniques. Let’s look at the biggest shifts since the early days and predict what the future has in store for Lasik treatment in Dubai. What was once considered science fiction is now our reality.

Quality of Vision

Do you know how quality of vision is ...

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Facts to know before LASIK Treatment

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Thousands of people in Dubai choose laser surgery to correct a defect in vision and stop their need for corrective lenses or lenses. Laser surgery has a number of benefits if done precisely.  New Vision Eye Center in Dubai is keeping abreast of the latest technology in the field with a view to offering an incomparable service to our patients. The goal of our duty is to make you see the world clearly. To achieve this target, we are always going in tandem with the globally acclaimed technology used for eye health.  The ushering of this technology at New Vision Eye Center makes sure that LASIK in Dubai is now a possibility.

Laser eye surgery is the most common procedure for correcting visual disturbances caused by refractive errors, such as myopia (difficulty seeing from a distance), hypero...

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Are You Ready for LASIK?

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We are New Vision Eye Center, the most trusted eye care institute in Dubai. Thousands of people who consulted the expert eye surgeons from New Vision Eye Center are eternally grateful to us for restoring their vision. Among many eye hospitals, New Vision Eye Center stand out of the box for our excellent performance of LASIK treatment in Dubai. This is a very delicate surgery which requires an outstanding expertise along with the latest technology in eye care treatment. We guarantee that the combination of this expertise and the beauty of the technology yield you a better vision.

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a type of surgery that flattens the cornea. It is the most common type of surgery to correct myopia and astigmatism...

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LASIK- No More Blurred Vision

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Have you ever been hindered from playing your favorite sport as a result of glasses or contact lenses? The time you worried over this has come to an end with the amazing introduction of LASIK treatment. It is the fastest and most convenient method of restoring your vision in a safe approach. We at New Vision Eye Center have gained the reputation as the most trusted eye clinic in Dubai with our impressive success record in LASIK treatment.

Recovery Time for LASIK Surgery – After LASIK Surgery

An overwhelming majority of patients after LASIK surgery experiences a life in which glasses, contact lenses or corrective lenses of any kind are no longer a burden. The recovery of LASIK surgery is brief. With LASIK, patients can have the vision they once had or had always hoped to have.

A recent revi...

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