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Is Lasik Treatment A Complex Procedure?

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In general, problems are complex and so are the treatments they are trying to fix. You may have minor scrapes and cuts which can be managed using some antibacterial wash. However, there are more serious medical conditions that require intervention but with pretty straightforward procedures. If it is a more complicated injury, you expect the procedure to be challenging. But with technology advancing, procedures that were deemed as complicated a decade ago are no longer risky. Many conditions can be resolved with a click of a button or a mere injection.

A good example of a simpler procedure is Lasik in Dubai for refractive errors. You couldn’t even imagine successfully adjusting the eye by a hundredth of a millimeter to mitigate vision problems...

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Stay Hydrated For Good Eye Health

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We are covered by vast oceans as it circulates as vapour, flows as lakes and rivers and freezes as glaciers and icecaps. There’s water also inside the human body and vital organs such as your brain and heart need water. However, you cannot rely on nature to balance the content of water in the body, you need to consume it daily to keep functioning and survive.

As much as we all know we need to drink more water, the message is so common you barely hear it anymore. You only start paying attention when things go wrong. Inadequate water intake can lead to loss of energy, constant headaches and bad skin.

When there aren’t enough tears to keep your eyes moist, your eyes will start to trouble you. When there’s no water the tear ducts will dry up...

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Fed Up Of Reading Glasses?

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Some people need visual aid for certain distances but not for others. For reading glass wearers, this can become an inconvenience. Where do you put these glasses when you don’t need them?
You don’t always have a breast pocket in your shirt and you’d rather not wear them like the librarian who hangs it around her neck. You have a dozen pair of reading glasses strewn in your workplace, in the car and even under the bed. This is not a very effective solution. Half of the pairs are scratched or with an arm loose, and when you really want a pair you can’t find it.
Unlike people with all round poor vision, you can’t wear your glasses all day. At the same time you prefer not to wear your glasses all day, you find is a complete inconvenience...
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Keeping Your Eyes Safe At Work

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People rarely pay attention to their eyes at work. Once you get home you realize your eyes feel weary and tired out. You may find yourself rubbing them all the time and they feel fuzzier than normal. Our eyes are working from the moment we wake up till we go to bed at night. You may spend up to 6 hours in front of a computer, and the rest of the time staring at other devices.
But with your manager walking past you every half an hour and little time for breaks, it is hard to protect your eyes and give it the attention and care it needs. This leads to employees suffering from various ailments related to the eyes including dry eyes, blurred vision, neck pain, eye irritation and headaches. And in some cases, corneal scarring and shortsightedness.
Remember, you have to care for your eyes beca...
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