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Reasons To Not Fear Cataract Surgery


Cloudy and Opaque are not words that we would want to use to describe our eyes with. But unfortunately we all grow old and we may face situations of blurred, distorted or reduced vision and difficulties with a glare. The good news is that the lens of your eyes could be cleared away through cataract surgery. Unlike other eye-related conditions that limit vision, a solution on the surface such as glasses or contact lenses are not remedies. Therefore surgery must be performed to allow light rays to reach your retina and bring back vision to help you go about your daily life with ease and comfort.

Most cataracts associated with aging develop slowly, and many patients may not notice visual loss until it is fairly advanced...

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Basic Home Care for Post Eye Surgery


When it comes to protecting something or someone precious, they say to protect it as your own eyes. This shows the value of your eyes from which you see the light of the world but as all things, our eyes also may deteriorate after which we may opt to undergo surgery. You may have received the services of the best eye clinic in Dubai but if you won’t take care of your eyes at home in the correct way things may not go well as you thought they would have. Below are some basic eye care tips that will help your post-surgery recovery to be a smooth sail.

Wear Your Clothes Safe: Always wear clean clothes. Dust is your eye’s enemy. Avoid using clothes and accessories that have glitter dust, tiny sequins or particles of wool. You have to be very cautious when you wear them too...

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Is Lasik Treatment Risky?


What could be better news than having a cost-effective way of correcting your eyesight and to also saying goodbye to glasses and contact lenses? LASIK is the most commonly performed laser eye surgery to treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. The LASIK procedure reshapes the cornea to enable light entering the eye to be properly focused onto the retina for clearer vision. This process is done by using a laser with a UV light to take out parts of tissue from the cornea to reshape it. LASIK treatment has zero stitches and short recovery period.

Despite all the reasons in favor of this treatment, penetrating the cornea through a laser may not give a comfortable thought. But what a patient needs to know is that a professional eye clinic in Dubai would not ju...

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