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Answer To Your Eye Injuries – Oculoplastic Surgery


Eye and eyelid injuries can happen to people anywhere any time. Most of these accidents occur when the individual is taking part in a physical activity like sports or recreational activities.

Most of the common household objects can also cause an accidental eye injury through careless mistakes.

Trauma to your eye can affect the eyeball or the facial feature around it including structures like eyelids or bones and muscles around the eye. This trauma can be due to blunt trauma or due to the penetration of sharp objects in the eye. Chemical trauma can also occur when substances that are not meant for your eyes go inside it, causing injuries.

There are Ophthalmologists in Dubai who are experts in treating your eye injuries through various methods, both surgical and nonsurgical...

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Manage Your Keratoconus Better


There a number of eye conditions that most of us are aware of. Myopia or short-sightedness, hyperopia or long-sightedness, astigmatism or blurred vision, cataract, and common eye infections that occur every now and them.

But when your ophthalmologist tells you that you have keratoconus, chances are that you will be totally lost.

Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea of your eye starts thinning and bulge in the shape of a cone, causing blurry vision. The term keratoconus translates to cornea shaped like a cone. Keratoconus treatments are now available in Dubai.

Healthy Cornea and Keratoconus

A healthy and normal cornea is more spherical, very similar to one-third of a football...

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A Scratch To Your Eye Itch – Treat Your Allergies Better

eye allergies

Are you someone who suffers from allergies? Do you often have unpleasant allergic symptoms like itchy, burning, and watery eyes? Chances are that you have an eye allergy. Eye allergies are different from sinus related symptoms as people experiencing eye allergies also has redness and irritation in their eyes and accompanied by burning sensations and constantly as if their eyes are getting tired.

Know your allergy better

Eye allergy or ocular allergy is known to affect the thin tissue that covers the white part of your eye as well as the insides of your eyelids. Normally, this tissue protects your eyes from invading particles like microbes, dust, and dirt. The tears in your eyes are also key players in an allergic reaction...

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Fight Your Cataract For Better Vision


As you grow older, you might have experienced a clouded or unclear vision, making you rub your eyes to get a clearer picture. What starts off as a slight vision impairment which could be rectified with an eyeglass or brighter light might, in fact, be the starting of a more serious condition called cataract. Cataract is the clouding of your eye’s natural lens and can lead to blindness if not treated at the right time.

Fortunately, cataract surgery is a safe and effective way to treat your cataract. So, what causes cataract? What are the symptoms and when should you consult a doctor? Let’s find some answers here-

Cataract – The Causes

Cataracts develop mostly with aging or in some cases an injury to the tissues of your eye lens...

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