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Eye Know Right: Spot The 7 Signs of Vision Problems

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We have one body and each organ has its individual purpose and is important in its own way. Eyes are vital to sight and help us view the world and its beautiful surroundings. It falls on us to keep them healthy which requires regular visits to an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Also, keeping an active lookout for warning signs signaling vision troubles is always a good idea.

Seven Signs Indicating Vision Problems

  • Blurred or Double Vision

No one likes a lack of sharpness of vision, especially when looking for detail. Referred to as one of the most common eyesight problems, blurry vision occurs when objects appear out of focus or hazy in general. Most people are affected in both eyes but a lot of people can have it occur in a single eye...

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What To Expect After Cataract Surgery: Recovery, Possible Risks and More.

Cataract Surgery

Seeing as our eyesight is one of our most important senses, we are required to take utmost care in its upkeep.

This requires regular visits to the optometrist even if you don’t have poor vision so that any eye problems can be determined before symptoms show up. 

As we get older, however, eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma will require the expertise of an ophthalmologist.


A cataract results in cloudy vision due to your natural lens being affected and surgery enables the doctor to replace it with an artificial one. A couple of weeks before the actual surgery the doctor will run some tests to measure the size and shape of your eye.

As per routine surgical practice, refrain from eating or drinking 12 hours before...

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