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5 Common Retinal Diseases That Require Immediate Medical Attention

healthy eyes of a young girl

The retina is a thin, sensitive layer of tissue lining the innermost surface of the eye. The function of the retina is to convert light received by the lens to signals which are sent to the brain for visual recognition. There are various diseases that could affect the retina. If not treated properly at the right time; the individual may suffer a permanent loss of vision.

The most common retinal conditions that are extremely serious and that which requires immediate retinal treatment are floaters, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment, and macular hole.


When there are dots, spots or specks in the vision, then the person most likely will be suffering from eye floaters...

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4 Ways In Which Cataract Surgery In Dubai Can Improve Your Life


What is Cataract?
One of the goals of every human inhabiting the earth is to stay fit and healthy. But how many of us strive and work towards this common goal? Though there are several unexpected events that may jeopardize our health and put our life at risk, there are several other ways we can protect ourselves.
Similarly, the eye is one of the most overlooked organs in our body. Considering the modern lifestyle of the people where there is no limit to the screen time, increased usage of electronic devices in the dark, consumption of alcohol, it is no wonder that the current generation is more susceptible to vision loss. Though these are preventable by adopting the right lifestyle, there are non-preventable vision losses that may occur during the old age or due to unexpected accidents.

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