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Ultra, Supra And Femtosecond Lasik: What Each Treatments Offers To Your Eyes

Supra lasik Dubai

The ultra, supra, and femtosecond LASIK procedures all aim to correct refractive errors and restore optimal vision. These three Lasik procedures employ different types of technology to get the job done. Each technique has its distinctive technology and provides safe, effective, and quick results. 


Ultra-Lasik uses a custom Wavefront device to deliver precise and safe, corrective eye surgeries. This Wavefront device creates an ultra-thin corneal flap instead of a traditional microkeratome, or a surgical instrument. This device ensures maximum safety without any unwanted complications. 

The device has a high-speed pulse, which enables accuracy in finding and creating the perfect flap location...

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Deciding The Best Fit Between SupraLasik Surgery And Prescription Glasses

Supra lasik Dubai

SupraLASIK is a new generation treatment that safely and effectively corrects refractive errors. Prescription glasses are often an unwanted addition to the eye that disrupts one’s convenience and comfort. SupraLASIK is the latest innovation in the ophthalmology association, claiming to offer a superior quality vision.

Prescription glasses and contact lenses have become a traditional approach to treatment, which is unfavorable for many. Glasses distort one’s appearance, whereas contact lenses have to be carefully maintained to avoid infection. SupraLASIK is a laser eye vision correction, which produces effective results with precision. 

The main differences between SupraLASIK and other eye surgeries include:

  • This technique allows the ophthalmologist to complete the procedure without makin...
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A Detailed Analysis On How High Blood Pressure Can Induce Cataract Early

Cataract treatment in dubai

A cataract is a condition, which causes clouding of the lens of your eye. People with cataracts do not have a clear vision, and it feels like looking through a frosty or fogged-up window. Clouded vision caused by cataracts can impair reading, driving, and even noticing the small facial expressions. 


Cataracts usually develop slowly and do not hinder your vision immediately. However, as the condition progresses, it interferes and restricts vision. Bright lights and prescription glasses can help you deal with the initial stages of cataract, but once the condition starts to affect your eyesight, it is best to get cataract surgery done. Progression of this disease can inhibit you from carrying out your day-to-day activities. At this point, the best solution is cataract surgery, wh...

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Oculoplastic Surgery: How This Procedure Can Help Reconstruct Your Eyesight

Oculoplastic surgeries Dubai

Oculoplastic surgery is a cosmetic restoration surgery to reconstruct the eyelids, tear ducts, and orbit of the eye. It is essentially a corrective and reconstructive eyelid surgery, which is used for both cosmetic purposes as well as to correct several conditions. 

Different conditions like drooping, eyelid growth, tear duct blockage, and eye injuries require oculoplastic surgeries. In these conditions, the surgery is not just a cosmetic procedure but also a medical necessity. Surgery can treat the conditions which cause the eyebrows to sag. 

Conditions That Require An Oculoplastic Surgery

Ptosis: It is a condition, which causes the drooping of the upper eyelid. Aging, contact lens use, physical injuries to the eye, cataract and other eye surgeries are the common causes for ptosis...

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