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Essential Tips On Managing Your Overall Eye Health

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Eyes have a significant impact on life as most of the activities are associated with vision including the traits that encompasses health, emotional well-being, convenience and other concerns. Significant damages and problems in the eyes lead to poor quality of life affecting physical and mental aspects.

By maintaining good eye health, you can reduce the risk of various eye diseases and the odds of vision impairment and blindness. Given below are a few essential tips that you can practice in your daily routine to prevent your eye from illnesses.

Diet And Habits

Taking meals that are rich in nutrients will help to improve your vision. Different types of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables will help to keep your eyes away from numerous diseases...

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Keratoconus: A Look Into The Development Of This Eye Disorder

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Our eyes are vital and we rely on them to fulfill our daily engagements. Maintaining good optical health is a necessity to keep on with regular life. Keratoconus is an eye disorder that can affect our everyday routines by vision impairment and develop into further stages if left untreated. This article will look into the development of this eye disorder and its precautionary measures.

What Is Keratoconus?

The word keratoconus is derived from Latins, where “kera” means cornea, and the “conus” is the cone. As the name interprets, it is a condition where the cornea (transparent front part) of the eye gets thinner and gradually bulges outward, forming a cone shape. Symptoms of this condition include;

  • Light streaks
  • Blurry vision
  • Poor night vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Photophobia
  • Poor clarity of v...
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Post-Cataract Surgery: How To Prepare For The Recovery Period

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Cataracts are common among adults and are often termed as an age-related acquired disease. The development of this cloudy formation in the eyes results in vision impairment, hindering daily activities with a poor quality of life. Once you experience the condition, surgery is required to overcome the situation and to obtain the former regular vision. It is essential to undergo the necessary guidelines provided by the cataract surgeon for a speedy recovery process and procure optimum results from the surgery. Here, we will benefit you with an overview of this surgical procedure and the necessary precautions to adhere to a successful vision correction treatment. 

What Is a Cataract?

A cataract is the formation of a cloudy layer in the eyes which develops eventually, interfering with the vis...

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A Review On The Rare Case Of Bilateral Retinal Detachment

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The retina is the thin layer of tissue in the back of the eyes which receives light from the eye’s lens, converts it to neuro-signals, and sends it to the brain for visual recognition. When it is pulled or lifted from its original position, retinal detachment occurs. On rare occasions, this can occur in both eyes, affecting the sight of an individual. This article will discuss the rare case of bilateral retinal detachment by reviewing its specifications along with the anticipatory measures.

Bilateral Retinal Detachment

Even though it is unusual for retinal detachment to affect both eyes simultaneously, there is a possibility of second eye involvement later. This situation can take place in 1.18-2.5% of all occurrences...

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