3 Eye Opening Facts About Lasik And Sports


If you’re a sports person, regardless of what the sport is you obviously perform your best if your body’s in great shape. And that means not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Obviously clear, unhindered eyesight is a key factor here. Swimmers in particular find it tough to continue once problems related to vision set in. It’s a whole messy situation what with goggles, contact lenses and a whole lot of chlorinated water. As much as one might suggest LASIK in Dubai which has recently gained some momentum, when it comes to LASIK and sports, it’s a whole other ball game.

Even for the average person who probably doesn’t participate in many activities, there are plenty of precautions to be taken post-LASIK. Which means that for a sports person, there’s much more. Let’s take a closer look.

  • PROTECT YOUR EYES: Seeing as how you just spent half a small fortune on LASIK eye surgery in Dubai, it makes little sense to be carless. Aside from this, there’s the even bigger problem of injuring yourself. Your eyes are so very tender right now and frankly, what you should be doing is resting. Having said that, it’s understandable if you’ve got some important tournament coming up. You do need to run it by your surgeon though for safety. If he/she says no, well then it’s a no and there’s no way around it. On the day of the surgery especially you can’t do anything. However, LASIK is known for its quick turnaround which means you can go back to life the next day. You do need to wear proper eye-wear though if you’re getting back onto the field.
  • STEER CLEAR OF STEAM: If you’re a professional or just heavily involved with sports and fitness, now and then you probably check-in for steam sessions. It’s a great way to release toxins and ease up stiff muscles. Not after LASIK though. Even though you can get away with going back to sports fairly quickly, you can’t work your way around this. In fact, the surgery strictly forbids any steam room action for upto three weeks. Don’t worry, it’ll fly by before you know it!
  • WATER SPORTS NEED CARE: Although you can pretty much hop back into the field the next day if you’re more into ‘land sports’, with water sports it’s different. It’s actually quite understandable. You’ve just been through one of the most invasive procedures out there and water is only going to make it worse. Unless your doctor states otherwise, swimming is out for a good week post-LASIK treatment in Dubai. You also need to stick to goggles for at least two months afterwards. Basically, don’t step out of line as far as medical advice is concerned. Unless you want to be blinded for life through your own fault.

These are just some of the precautions for you if you’re into sports for competition or fitness. Remember that everyone is different though and that what works for you doesn’t for the next person. So you’ll probably be given a specific set of instructions; to make sure they’re accurate be honest with your doctor and be open about your lifestyle.

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