3 Reasons Why People Are Losing Vision Faster Today


As a health-oriented organisation that’s committed to improving one of the most delicate senses there are, we at New Vision Eye Center are witnesses to a whole host of visual catastrophes on a regular basis. From not-so-serious to extremely serious conditions, the situations are wide and varied as is the demographic of people who come to us for help. This inevitably leads to observation and analysis, which as a reliable eye institute is one of our primary responsibilities. And we can’t help but notice certain key aspects aside from the increased interest about LASIK in Dubai which are especially relevant to our 21st century lifestyles.

It can’t be denied that times have changed considerably and as much as this is a good thing in many ways, in some others it’s causing numerous health defects that frankly, in our opinion can be mitigated. We thought of sharing some of these so that maybe you’d be able to track what you’re doing wrong, and perhaps take the right steps to curb these unhealthy habits.

TECHNOLOGICAL ADDICTION: We can’t stress this point enough. Technology is great we aren’t saying it isn’t. But it really depends on how it’s been used. For us, and the medical field in general, technology is invaluable. It’s how we come up with more efficient options for treatments like LASIK eye surgery in Dubai. We need medical advancements in this world, now more than ever. Technology in terms of constant addiction though is a whole other ball game. We strongly advise you to put your phone and laptop away once in a while and treat your eyes to the sights of nature. Seriously. Do it.

OVERWORKING: This is again very much relevant to the above point, mainly because overworking today is mainly related to being stuck at a computer for longer than you’d like. It’s a syndrome that more than a few of us are familiar with and though you might think you’ve got no control over it, you actually do. If you feel your eyes beginning to strain and hurt or notice your vision’s worsening, then you need to let your boss know. You have every right to put your health in front, and you need to take control of your work-life balance immediately. Though LASIK treatment in Dubai has effectively helped correct refractive errors, we need you to exercise daily care too.

POOR LIFESTYLES: Again linking to both the above points, this decline in eyesight is owing to what are now quite poor lifestyles. Only a handful of people are active, in that they care about working out, staying fit and eating right. The majority are cooped up in their offices, hunched over their computers or feverishly typing into their phones. What’s more, these lifestyles also lead to even worse dietary choices, so instead of feeding your body good nutrition you’re loading up on junk. Healthy vision is dependent on things like leafy greens, fish, grains and plenty of Vitamins and minerals, and it’s not going to stock up from that burger you just devoured. Sure, LASIK in Dubai can help you, but only so far.

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