3 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Sleeping In Your Contacts


For some reason. 24 hours in a day no longer seems nearly enough to do all the things we need to do. The 21st century human is a busy-bee and constantly rushing from one appointment to the next with barely space to breathe in-between. So when the time comes to finally kick your feet up and sink into your delicious bed, you can’t be blamed for getting in fully dressed or with your shoes on. This only makes for an uncomfortable sleep though. Leaving your makeup on and contacts in before bed is one of the worst things you can do for your health which is far more serious.

Though treatments like LASIK would easily get rid of the second problem, not everyone may be eligible for it. Which means that you need to be more diligent about removing your contacts before bed and here’s why.

  1. RISK OF INFECTION: This might be one you’ve heard of a fair few times but do you know what really happens when an infection come about because of contact lenses? Well, just like the rest of your body your eyes need oxygen to function except that the cornea happens to obtain its oxygen from the air. So when you wear contacts, you are lessening this air-supply by quite a bit and when you go to sleep it drops even further. This cut-off causes the cornea to expand, resulting in gaps within its cell structure which also can happen after LASIK surgery although in this case, adequate care will help control any potential issues. These gaps allow bacteria to seep in multiplying your risk of infection by so much more. Eye infections can be downright nasty so avoid the trouble and remove the lenses.
  1. BLINDNESS: Hopefully, this should make you sit up and take notice. If you thought eye infections were the worst that could happen, well you though wrong. Infections can go from bad to worse and if it takes over much of the cornea, you run the risk of blindness. Even if you are having a nap, make sure you remove your contacts. Don’t ever assume that since they’re left in for a little time it’ll be okay. It won’t be, and blindness is irreversible so why put yourself at risk? Though surgeries such as LASIK treatment  are designed to restore vision, they can’t turn around blindness so prevent instead of cure.
  1. CLARE: This stands for Contact Lens Acute Red Eye, and is exactly as it sounds. It’s an extremely uncomfortable situation since you suffer from redness, stinging, pain and sensitivity to light. Aside from making it next-to-impossible to function like a normal person, it looks pretty nasty too making you feel self-conscious about heading outside. If you’ve been guilty of sleeping in with your contacts and have experienced this, you need to get to a doctor and fast. Never sleep in your lenses again even if you tell yourself it’s just for 15 minutes. If you’re lined up for LASIK surgery , you should especially steer clear of doing anything to aggravate the eye as you might not be able to go ahead with it.

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