4 Ways In Which Cataract Surgery In Dubai Can Improve Your Life


What is Cataract?
One of the goals of every human inhabiting the earth is to stay fit and healthy. But how many of us strive and work towards this common goal? Though there are several unexpected events that may jeopardize our health and put our life at risk, there are several other ways we can protect ourselves.
Similarly, the eye is one of the most overlooked organs in our body. Considering the modern lifestyle of the people where there is no limit to the screen time, increased usage of electronic devices in the dark, consumption of alcohol, it is no wonder that the current generation is more susceptible to vision loss. Though these are preventable by adopting the right lifestyle, there are non-preventable vision losses that may occur during the old age or due to unexpected accidents.
Amongst eye conditions, Cataract is the most common cause of eyesight loss amongst the aged population. A cataract is basically gradual clouding of the eye lens ultimately leading to loss of vision. It is a non-preventable but treatable eye condition. By consulting a competent cataract surgeon in Dubai, cataract surgery can easily be performed with little or no after-effects.

Cause of Cataract
The lens consists of water & protein mostly. However, aging may cause the protein to cluster together eventually causing cataract. Apart from aging, there are several other factors that may cause cataract such as
Eye injury
high blood pressure
Ultraviolet radiation

Signs & Symptoms
Though the formation of cataract in the eye is very gradual, there are certain signs and symptoms to look out for:

Vision gets blurred
Near-sightedness increases
Loss of night vision
Double vision
Sensitiveness to light

Though there are no clear cut prevention strategies for cataract, there are certain precautions that can be taken:
Consult ophthalmologists regularly: Regular eye checkups can reveal not only cataracts but other conditions that can interfere with the vision. By being able to detect cataracts at the earliest, the cataract can be removed before it worsens. Therefore, it is imperative that eye examinations are done periodically.

Avoid smoking

as mentioned earlier, smoking is one of the risk factors of cataracts. Not only is it harmful to the overall health, but it can be a major contributor to the formation of eye cataracts. Hence, ensure that you quit smoking be it through medications or counseling.
Quit drinking

Alcohol is another major risk factor of cataracts. Avoid the consumption of alcohol as much as possible.
Use sunglasses: Sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays from the sun. Whenever outdoors, make sure you wear sunglasses.

Follow a healthy diet

A healthy diet is a basis for a healthy disease-free life. It is important to include fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that not only help to improve eyesight but improves the overall health. Consuming foods rich in nutrients can delay or prevent cataracts.


Lasik treatment in Dubai
Treatment of cataract involves a cataract surgery wherein the lens is removed and replaced with intra-ocular lenses that become a permanent part of the eye. The intraocular lenses are clear artificial lenses that can restore the vision of the eye. The cataract surgery is an outpatient surgery meaning it would relatively take less time to perform the surgery and you can leave the hospital the same day. Though you may experience discomfort after the surgery for a while, it is the safest and effective surgery that can treat cataract.

Ways in which cataract surgery can improve your life

Greater QOL

lasik in Dubau
The fact that performing cataract surgery in Dubai could improve the QOL (Quality Of Life) cannot be emphasized enough. Every one of us wants to be independent when it comes to performing daily chores. However, having a cloudy lens can prevent us from performing daily basic activities such as walking without support, reading, driving, etc. This can cause lots of frustration amongst old-aged people eventually isolating themselves from social groups. Having to depend on others may make them more depressed and anxiety may kick in. A study conducted in 2013 on patients after undergoing cataract surgery revealed that their QOL improved by 36% compared to patients who did not undergo the surgery. This is exactly why we must consult a good, competent cataract surgeon in Dubai and get the cataract surgery done as soon as possible. Being able to see properly, and be independent while being able to enjoy a sense of freedom is something that this population group craves for.
Increases longevity
People who get cataract surgery done is said to enjoy a prolonged life. As mentioned earlier, improved vision enables old-aged people to perform tasks quite easily. This means that they can go for walks, perform exercises, cook nutritious foods, take medications on their own, etc. eventually being able to lead a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle can prevent not only diseases associated with old-age such as infectious, neurological, cardiovascular diseases, etc. but also accidents, falls, fractures, etc., caused due to poor vision. Overall, getting a cataract surgery in Dubai done can extend life.

Prevent accidental falls
Better vision means better being able to navigate. The old-age population is at high risk of experiencing accidental falls. Once they experience the fall, it may discourage them from walking due to fear of falling. Through a simple and safe cataract surgery in Dubai, an individual’s eyesight improves that will help him /her to not only walk without support but also navigate properly. This implies that the chances of experiencing accidental falls and getting fractured bones and bruises will be exponentially lower.

Better social interaction
Loss of vision can mentally exhaust and emotionally drain old-aged people. This can force them to isolate themselves from family and friends. Secluding oneself from social groups can cause more depression amongst them. By consulting a cataract surgeon and undergoing cataract surgery in Dubai can improve the vision. This will enable them to engage themselves in social circles and actively participate in social functions. Better social interaction can dramatically improve the mental health of these people.

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