Answer To Your Eye Injuries – Oculoplastic Surgery


Eye and eyelid injuries can happen to people anywhere any time. Most of these accidents occur when the individual is taking part in a physical activity like sports or recreational activities.

Most of the common household objects can also cause an accidental eye injury through careless mistakes.


Trauma to your eye can affect the eyeball or the facial feature around it including structures like eyelids or bones and muscles around the eye. This trauma can be due to blunt trauma or due to the penetration of sharp objects in the eye. Chemical trauma can also occur when substances that are not meant for your eyes go inside it, causing injuries.


There are Ophthalmologists in Dubai who are experts in treating your eye injuries through various methods, both surgical and nonsurgical. They understand that eye injury if left untreated or handled wrongly, could lead to permanent vision loss, blindness or facial disfigure.


Types of Eye injuries


Sports-related eye injured are mostly due to blunt trauma. These include orbital blowout fracture, where the bone under the eyeball faces gets fractured, a ruptured globe or a broken eyeball or detached retina. Internal bleeding in your eye can lead to pressure buildup in the eye leading to permanent vision loss.


Blunt trauma injuries to the eyes will show visible injuries like swelling or bruising. A simple inspection of the injured eye can give an idea of the extent of the injury. It is important to get the right treatment for your injuries to avoid further complications.


Oculoplasty for eye injuries


Oculoplastic surgery basically refers to plastic surgery around the eye. While the eyeball is treated in an entirely different way, your eyelids, eye socket and the facial bones surrounding the eye need to be corrected through an oculoplastic surgery. Oculoplasty deals with the structures behind the eyeball including the nerves, blood vessels, tissues and muscles that connect the eyeball to the socket.


Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists who specialize in the intricate workings of the eye and its connections with the eye socket. They can correct a number of conditions like discussed below –


  1. Ptosis – This is the condition where the upper eyelids droop over the eye. This can be a birth defect or an accident induced one. Oculoplastic surgery can correct this.
  2. Entropion – In this condition, the eyelids turn in, causing the eyelashes to bend in an irritate the eye, requiring oculoplastic surgery.
  3. Ectropion – Outwards bending of the eyelids causing redness and eye-watering. Oculoplastic surgery as an effective method to treat this condition.
  4. Orbital fractures – Fractures on the bones around the eyelid can cause a sunken eyeball and vision impairments. Oculoplastic surgery is necessary for reconstructing these bones.
  5. Socket reconstructions – When the eyeball is removed due to some irreparable injury, chances are that your eye socket will get shrunken. Oculoplasty can be used to reconstruct it.
  6. Upper Lid Blepharoplasty – Upper eyelid hanging over the eye can be corrected with an oculoplastic surgery.


Treat and take care of your eyes well, you only have a pair. Contact your ophthalmologist for information on an oculoplastic surgery in Dubai today.



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