Are You A Right Candidate For Lasik Treatment?

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Lasik Treatments in Dubai and around the world are now more accessible since it has become affordable for people looking for a permanent way of getting rid of their glasses and contacts. In fact, in 2018, more than 9.5 million Americans have undergone the treatment. The success of any kind of operation is often determined by whether the patient meets certain criteria for the specific surgery, the same goes with Lasik treatments. The majority of clinics offering LASIK treatment have a comprehensive preoperative evaluation.

For most people who chose to undergo Lasik treatment results came out favorable. However,  not everyone is the right candidate,


Good Health


Having good health is a criteria not limited to Lasik Treatments, but for any kind of medical operation as well. Your body should be healthy enough to heal properly after Lasik. 

Patients who have uncontrolled autoimmune diseases may be advised to not undergo Lasik Treatment.


Such diseases include type 1 diabetes, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome- an autoimmune disease that destroys the glands tasked to keep some parts of the body like the mouth and eyes, lubricated and moist. 


Present medical prescriptions for some people like immunosuppressants may get in the way with healing after the treatment. Consult with a specialist in Lasik treatment for assessment.


If you are pregnant or recovering from a new operation, it is not advisable for you to go through with Lasik. 


The Right mindset


You have to have the right kind of mindset before going through Lasik treatment. Medical professionals point out that the current psychological state of patients prior to treatment may influence their perceived postoperative end result. 


Ophthalmologists carry the pivotal role of educating patients on the necessary information about the treatment such as possible complications and side-effects. It is a patient’s responsibility to listen and take note of the instructions from the doctor. 


Current Eye Condition


You will be held back for Lasik Treatment if you are experiencing certain eye conditions that can complicate or have adverse effects post-treatment, such as conjunctivitis (sore eyes), eye infection, severe dry eye syndrome or any type of injury to the eyes. Other conditions such as Cataracts and Glaucoma will not make you the right candidate for Lasik Treatment.


If you have persistent dry eyes- meaning your tear ducts do not produce enough tears moisturize and keep it healthy, Lasik treatment may worsen your condition. 


Over the years, ophthalmologists have found solutions to treat persistent dry eyes in order to proceed with Lasik treatment. Administering artificial tears, medicated eye-drops, punctal plugs are possible treatments for persistent dry eyes. 


Vision stableness, cornea thickness, and size of pupils are also considered in identifying whether or not you’re the right candidate for treatment. 


Your vision should have a stable prescription for refractive errors for a period of at least 12 months before you go through with Lasik treatment. If your doctor tells you that your cornea is too thin, there might be other options for you available. The size of the pupils should not be too big to minimize the risk of side effects like glares, and halos in low light.




A patient’s age is a factor to consider before proceeding with Lasik treatment. Some procedures require patients to be 18 years old; others, 21.  If you’re younger than the required age, but meet the other prerequisites for Lasik, it must be done with the consent of your parent or guardian and under the discretion of the Lasik surgeon.


Presbyopia is an age-related eye condition that would require patients to use reading glasses to further correct near vision. There is also a higher chance 

for women to experience dry eyes after menopause.


If you’re keen on undergoing Lasik treatment, it is best to have a proper assessment from a Lasik specialist. If you’re living in the UAE, you can visit us and have a preoperative evaluation before proceeding with Lasik treatment in Dubai.


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