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How Does Our Daily Use Of Electronic Devices Cause Nearsightedness?

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What is Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness or short-sightedness also referred to as myopia is the condition where the distant objects are seen blurry while close objects appear normal. This is an eye disorder where light focuses in front of the retina instead of on the retina. Headache, squinting, eye strain, and fatigue are a few common symptoms of nearsightedness. 

Combinations of environmental and genetic factors are considered as the cause of nearsightedness. Family history, engaging work focusing on closer objects, spending a lot of time indoors are considered as risk factors for this condition. Nearsightedness can be treated by wearing glasses, contact lenses, or can get cured permanently through LASIK surgeries.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) 

Electronic devices are a part of our li...

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Freedom From Glasses: FemtoLASIK Treatment And Its Benefits On Your Vision

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Are you tired of wearing glasses that come with multiple problems and unavoidable discomfort? The latest advanced Femto-LASIK treatment is the best solution to say goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses. It stops your vision from getting weak with time and having to change prescriptions on a more regular basis. Femto-LASIK is the most advanced treatment available in the market with its latest technology to correct your refractive errors with minimum hassle.

What Is The Femto-LASIK Treatment?

Femto-LASIK treatment is a modern laser surgery performed to correct your refractive errors. The surgery consists of two stages...

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A Guide To Contacts vs Glasses vs Lasik

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It has been estimated that around half the population has problems regarding their vision. With the advancement of technology, there are now numerous solutions in correcting and addressing such problems. Glasses, contact lenses, or surgery allow almost everyone to see as sharply as possible. 

Depending on who you ask, what they have undergone and heard about, or even what part of life they are in, you may receive a variety of facts and opinions on which of the three are the best in answering your vision dilemmas. The following paragraphs will delve into the good and bad to each of the solutions mentioned. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can try deciding which solution is suitable for you and your needs...

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Will LASIK Remove Corneal Scars?

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Everyone wants to have excellent vision and a lot of people are unaware of LASIK and its benefits. Along with correcting refractive errors, LASIK also helps with corneal scars. Let’s take a look at how opting for LASIK can help one get rid of corneal scars. 

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5 Things To Remember Before Going For LASIK Treatment

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With increasing awareness about LASIK treatment, more and more people are interested in getting it done. As the procedure is known to treat refractive vision problems like myopia and presbyopia effectively, both adults and adolescents are curious about its results. 

However, LASIK treatment may not be for all. As disappointing as it may sound, a good candidate for LASIK treatment must have certain qualities that will determine the outcome of the surgery. 

So what are these factors that affect the success of a LASIK treatment? Take a look:

Your eye health

Any eye conditions like dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, infections, and injuries must be resolved before you appear for a LASIK surgery...

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Are You A Right Candidate For Lasik Treatment?

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Lasik Treatments in Dubai and around the world are now more accessible since it has become affordable for people looking for a permanent way of getting rid of their glasses and contacts. In fact, in 2018, more than 9.5 million Americans have undergone the treatment. The success of any kind of operation is often determined by whether the patient meets certain criteria for the specific surgery, the same goes with Lasik treatments. The majority of clinics offering LASIK treatment have a comprehensive preoperative evaluation.

For most people who chose to undergo Lasik treatment results came out favorable. However,  not everyone is the right candidate,

Good Health

Having good health is a criteria not limited to Lasik Treatments, but for any kind of medical operation as well...

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Experiencing Vision Problems? Opt For A LASIK Surgery

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Vision issues are quite common these days. While in the past, people used to get affected by vision issues after the age of 40, today refractive issues start right from childhood.

But everything has a solution nowadays because of the growing technology that works in enhancing one’s vision. As you age, your eyes lose their ability to see properly by making it hard for you to carry on with the daily chores and activities. But, you will be able to experience a better and clearer vision after you decide to proceed with LASIK eye surgery as it will help in retaining your lost vision. LASIK eye surgery can be your solution to relying on external materials that will help you in seeing properly every time you want to read a book or look at the billboard...

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Experiencing Vision Problems? Opt For A LASIK surgery

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Our eyesight matters a lot when it comes to getting anything done. And without clear eyesight, managing the work every day becomes extremely difficult. Although eye problems and vision changes occur during old age, it also becomes common during one’s childhood and may also pass onto the next generation.

But with LASIK eye surgery, vision can be easily retained without any external damage or worries. Our leading eye doctors can help you with the treatment by promising you with immediate results within a day. Let us go through some of the beneficial reasons for LASIK eye surgery:

  • One of the main reasons why LASIK eye surgery is opted by many is because of the fact that it corrects your vision with immediate effect...
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Step Into Better Vision: LASIK Eye Surgery

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Do you suffer from vision troubles? Have you ever dreamt of having a perfect and clear vision? You can now fulfil this dream of yours by visiting by getting your eyes treated with LASIK eye surgery. This treatment has a lot of benefits when it comes to giving your eyes a new and brighter vision. 

If you want to get your eye issues like myopia or hyperopia treated, then LASIK eye surgery is a common solution that can be done to get the best results. This short and safe procedure can treat almost all refractive issues that lead to blurred vision. Are you tired of wearing glasses and lens? Then, LASIK eye surgery can be your solution which will help you gain clearer and brighter vision making you lose the habit of wearing glasses. 

The best part about this surgery is that the results are a...

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6 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes After A LASIK Surgery

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Our eyesight is a special sense that allows us to see the world in all its glory. This is why people suffering from vision troubles like short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism look for treatments that guarantee them a clearer vision. The most popular treatment in Dubai that promises clearer vision to these people is LASIK surgery.

While the procedure is fairly simple and takes no more than 20 minutes for both eyes, LASIK surgery will be considered successful only when you recover completely with a clearer vision. So, in this blog, we discuss some of the steps you need to take in order to ensure complete healing of your eyes post LASIK surgery.

Driving Is Off-Limits On Day 1

Immediately after your surgery, your eyes may take a while to clear up...

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