Corrective Refractive Issues: 5 Main Benefits Of Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment


Farsightedness, nearsightedness, and myopia are the common refractive error conditions that most people experience. The visual changes occur due to the cornea’s changes, the front layer of your eye, which focuses light rays and sends signals to the brain for image recognition. Most people go for eyeglasses and contact lenses as a temporary treatment to see clear. However, these methods cannot stop your eyes from worsening, and you may require changing your eye prescriptions over time.

Eye surgeries for refractive errors have been introduced to eliminate the problem for extended durations or even permanently. Smart Super Vision Laser treatment has made it to number one with its minimally invasive procedure among various eye treatment methods available. This article discusses the five main benefits of Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment for your reference.

High Accuracy

The success rate of Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment is more than 95%. The majority get 20/20 vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. The high accuracy rates have made it popular among patients over conventional optical treatments.

Ideal For Thin Corneas

Corneal thickness plays a vital role in eye surgeries. This is because a smaller amount of tissues are removed when performing LASIK/Femto-LASIK or other refractive error surgeries. Generally, patients are required to have a corneal thickness of 250 microns.

Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment involves less corneal tissue disruption, and hence patients who are not eligible for LASIK can undergo the treatment without any problem. The laser consists of removing 5-10% thickness of the cornea in correcting the existing refractive error.

Best For Contact Sports And Physical Professionals

The laser treatment method is not involved with incisions and causes minimal structural damage to the cornea. Conservative refractive surgeries involve creating a flap in the cornea to correct the vision error through laser treatment.

Having flap-correcting treatment can be risky for those who are involved with contact sports, physical professionals, and military services. These physically demanding works with higher possibilities for injuries and accidents can cause severe damages to the eye, causing a detachment in the flap. Hence, eye specialists recommend supervision laser treatment for these professions.

Low Risk Of Infections

Surgeries involved with flaps fall under a high risk of getting infected until the eye gets healed. The minimally invasive process of supervision is not involved with disrupting the natural irrigation of the eye. Hence, the process is less known for getting infections after surgery due to this reason. 

The super laser method is also known for the low risk of dry eye conditions, which usually is the most side effect of refractive error treatments.

Faster Recovery

Smart Super Vision Treatments got little to no downtime for healing. The minimally disruptive process is the reason behind the fast recovery time. Patients can get back to their everyday activities within the following few days after surgery.

If you are experiencing refractive errors and want to get rid of the hassle with eyeglasses or contact lenses, a Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment is the ideal option to treat your condition. The minimally invasive and highly accurate procedure can take away your eyeglasses and provide a clear vision.

Vision correction can improve your quality of life and even increase self-confidence. If you are looking for a life-changing eyesight treatment, visit us at New Vision Eye Center to undergo the Smart Super Vision Laser Treatment. Our world-class eye specialists help you restore healthy eyesight with extreme care.

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