Digging Into The ‘Why’ Behind Lasik With 3 Points


Despite the sheer grandeur and superiority of the technology we use today, you can’t help but wonder from time-to-time… where are we headed? Though it might seem rather morose, it’s actually a really fair question. This is also often followed by ‘I wonder if I’d have any use for that’. Again, a really fair point. After all, when the prospect of something more efficient and effective is staring you in the face, how can you just ignore it completely? Well, the introduction of LASIK in Dubai was something similar. Frankly, LASIK in general was massive upheaval in the world of eye care globally let alone Dubai. And even though it was viewed with some apprehension at first, people are slowly warming upto the idea. Slowly.

Obviously anyone who’s been battling poor eyesight would want a way out and who can blame them? Contact lenses and glasses have been a temporary solution and even though they’ve done a great job, they aren’t perfect. Plus, all those return trips to the ophthalmologist for new prescriptions makes the whole thing a drag. Which is why many have been tentative about LASIK. If you are one of these people and want to know more about LASIK eye surgery in Dubai (or just in general), maybe look into some of the top 3 driving points. Which are right here:

  • EYE-SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE: Everything around. Well in other words, you will be able to see better than you ever did before. Although temporary eye-wear solutions do help you navigate your way around, you can’t help but miss subtle little details. And let’s face it, they’re important. That’s not to say that LASIK treatment in Dubai is going to wipe out all eye ailments you might have. You can however fix long-sightedness or short-sightedness which should be good enough. Basically, you will have the best vision you would have had since it started to go downhill.
  • NO MORE REPLACING GLASSES: If you’re one of those people who is incredibly careful with their belongings then you’re definitely experiencing this a lot less. For the larger percentage of klutzes though, the story is slightly different. Okay, very different. It involves having to centre your whole life on replacing glasses so you don’t fumble your way around. Whether they fell for the umpteenth time or whether you sat on it (again for the hundredth time), ultimately you need a replacement. Although it might not amount to the cost of LASIK, still LASIK in Dubai is a better option in terms of convenience.
  • 3. NO MORE HEADACHES: Headaches are the evil twin of poor eyesight. Where there’s a discrepancy in vision, there’s a headache. They simply follow you around. If you’ve missed visiting your eye doctor for a prescription change then you’ll most likely be plagued with them. In general, people with poor eyesight tend to experience more headaches than the average person. A lot of LASIK patients have claimed this has improved since their surgery. All the more reason to look into it.

You will not be simply sent through straight to surgery if you’re still on the fence. You’ll need to pass some medical tests to confirm your suitability and only if you’re considered to be safe will you go ahead. So don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, but there’s no harm in looking into it.

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