Effects of screen time on childrens eye sight


Spending too much time in front of screens is the main reason for the increase in Bad eye sign in Dubai. Being a very visually demanding task, the eyes work the muscles hard to focus on the pictures and texts in the screen. Not only if it hard work focusing the muscles but the muscles also remained locked in this position for the whole duration of the screen time.

In Dubai care for eye sight is taking a major importance as Eye specialist in Dubai report many new cases every day. Many children and adults complain of sore and tired eyes, especially after long screen times. The ability to change the focus of the eyes from the screen to a faraway object is also affected with long use. While these issues may be fixed with taking a break from the computer or TV, many other effects on the eyes may not be so easily fixed.

Childrens eye care in Dubai is specially highlighted as many young children remain undiagnosed with various visual issues including short or long sightedness, distorted vision and issues with working both eyes together known as binocular vision function. A long screen time will only worsen these eye problems. It is recommended to get the childrens eye sight checked before they start school and to get a routine checkup every 2 – 3 years.

Limit your childrens screen time to 20 – 30 minutes after which a break time is recommended to relax the eye muscles. Let them focus on far away objects after the screen time and get them involved more on outdoor activities.

Maintain the maximum distance possible between screens. A desktop computer should be ideally no closer than 70 –  80 cm and the childs seat should be adjusted that they are looking slightly down at the screen and not direct at it. With the television set maintain the furthest distance possible in the room. The closer the screens the more the eye muscles will need to work to focus.

For handheld devices try to encourage them to hold it at a distance and not directly to the face. A technique used by many is to make a fist and hold the fist to the tip of the nose. The handheld device should be at the distance of the elbow of this arm.

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