Essential Tips On Managing Your Overall Eye Health

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Eyes have a significant impact on life as most of the activities are associated with vision including the traits that encompasses health, emotional well-being, convenience and other concerns. Significant damages and problems in the eyes lead to poor quality of life affecting physical and mental aspects.

By maintaining good eye health, you can reduce the risk of various eye diseases and the odds of vision impairment and blindness. Given below are a few essential tips that you can practice in your daily routine to prevent your eye from illnesses.

Diet And Habits

Taking meals that are rich in nutrients will help to improve your vision. Different types of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables will help to keep your eyes away from numerous diseases. Vitamin C, A, and E play a vital role here. Eye doctors state that omega-3 fatty acids available in dark color fish are also a major contributing factor in good eye health. 

Apart from your diet, harmful practices like smoking are often discouraged as it affects not only your eyes but overall health. Tobacco damages the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the eye and result in illness like dry eye disease that are prevalent among smokers. It also increases the risk of developing cataracts, a cloudy formation in the eye lens that hinders vision with aging. 

Wear Eye Protection

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can develop into several eye diseases like cataracts, keratoconus, dry eyes etc. It can also cause skin cancers around the eye which can affect visual function. Specialists state it is essential to wear 100% UV protection eyeglasses while outside. A hat is also preferred in addition to this to provide shade to the eyes and face with comfort.

It is best to wear eye protection at work and when engaged in sports activities. If you are involved in factory work and construction or get exposed to dusty environments, make sure to wear the necessary eye protection or shields. Apart from this, it is encouraged to wear these while engaging in house repairing and gardening work.

Eye Make- up And Contacts

If you are wearing contact lenses, make certain you are adhering to the ophthalmologist’s instructions. Wash your hands well before wearing contacts. Avoid using an expired solution or keep one’s more than the mentioned period as this can lead to severe pain and even vision loss.

It is vital to be careful with your eye make-up as it can give you several infections and allergies. Use good quality cosmetics for your eyes and make sure to remove your makeup thoroughly before you sleep. Cleaning the eye make-up brushes frequently is also a good practice to prevent infections.

Other Practices

Those who spend hours on computers or digital screens need to follow two practices; frequent blinking and the 20-20-20 rule. Frequent blinking will prevent you from eye fatigue.  The rule of looking 20 feet beyond, for 20 seconds at intervals of every 20 minutes will benefit you with reduced eye strain.

Exercises are another important factor for eye health. It improves blood circulation of the body, increasing the oxygen levels and removing the toxins from the eyes. On the other hand, it helps in maintaining the body weight and decreases the risks of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol which are the key factors for eye diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc.

Be Attentive

Your family history may be the hidden cause of certain eye diseases. If your family has reports of certain eye disorders, you are also at a high risk of getting the infection. This can be especially seen in eye diseases associated with aging.

It is crucial to have eye clinic visits even if you do not have any signs or symptoms for any disorder. This will help you in early recognition and prevention as certain optic issues do not show visible symptoms during the early stages. Ophthalmologists recommend getting a comprehensive eye exam annually to detect and manage conditions at the earliest, intercepting further complications.

Our team of professionals at the New Vision Eye Center is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and techniques to determine the conditions of your eyes and facilitate you with the optimal treatments available.

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