Experiencing Vision Problems? Opt For A LASIK Surgery

lasik eye surgery

Vision issues are quite common these days. While in the past, people used to get affected by vision issues after the age of 40, today refractive issues start right from childhood.

But everything has a solution nowadays because of the growing technology that works in enhancing one’s vision. As you age, your eyes lose their ability to see properly by making it hard for you to carry on with the daily chores and activities. But, you will be able to experience a better and clearer vision after you decide to proceed with LASIK eye surgery as it will help in retaining your lost vision. LASIK eye surgery can be your solution to relying on external materials that will help you in seeing properly every time you want to read a book or look at the billboard. In adults, experiencing vision problems such as blurred vision can be very uncomfortable, inconvenient, and also unsafe because it might affect the people while they’re driving or doing something risky like operating a machine.

Correcting Refractive Errors
If you face any refractive vision errors, it can be corrected with the help of LASIK eye surgery. These errors usually occurs when your eye isn’t able to bend and focus the light correctly onto the retina. If your eyeball or cornea is shaped in an improper manner, then there are high chances that your eyes will be more prone to experiencing problems like refractive errors. The light is bent and focussed on the retina with the help of the cornea which is present on the front region of your eye.  But the light from any object will be focused on the retina in a very insignificant manner creating an image that is blurred. And this happens because of these refractive errors. 

This can also occur in healthy eyes as well. Your vision may tend to become blurry, hazy, or doubled causing you to squint and strain your eyes while working or reading. This will also lead to constant headaches due to the strain or because of the difficulty in reading. The eye doctors at our center can quickly determine the cause of your vision problems and also provide you with a permanent solution. 

Types Of Refractive Errors

Hyperopia: This is the type of refractive error that occurs when the objects that are far away will seem more clear than the closer objects, to the person. Another word for hyperopia is farsightedness. If the hyperopia is significant in a person then the vision will be blurry at any particular distance. This can occur at any age. Usually, children may tend to have slight hyperopia which gets corrected by itself when they reach adolescence. 

Myopia: This is another type of refractive error that happens when you end up experiencing the inability to see distant objects clearly. This is also called nearsightedness because closer objects are comparatively clearer. People may find it difficult to read the street signs, posters or anything that are at a distance as it will seem blurry.

Astigmatism: This is a kind of refractive error that happens when your cornea is unusually shaped. This, in turn, causes blurred vision. People who experience astigmatism has a cornea that is shaped more like a football or an egg.  

Presbyopia: After you cross the age of 40, you’re most likely to get affected with presbyopia which is another kind of refractive error. This usually happens when the lenses gradually start to lose their ability to adjust their shape making it difficult for you to focus on near objects.  

Solve these issues that become a barrier to your clear vision, by getting LASIK eye surgery at our eye center in Dubai. 

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