Expert Advice: Frequently Asked Questions About Conjunctivitis Answered

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Conjunctivitis or pink eye is a condition in which the thin transparent layer over the white part of your eye called conjunctiva gets inflamed. The infection receives more attention from people, especially with children in comparison to the other eye problems given its contagious nature. 

The root cause for pink eye formation may vary from person to person, however, the treatment is limited to an eye drop prescription if no unusual complications occur. Let’s have a look at the FAQs on conjunctivitis in terms of its formation, spread, and treatments to understand what makes this infection a common concern for the masses.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Pink Eye

Apart from the redness in the eye, you can observe several other signs or symptoms due to pink eye conditions. They are;

  • Watery eyes
  • Mucous discharge
  • Itchiness and irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Swollen lymph nodes

The eye discharge may vary depending on the type of pink eye you acquire. The dispense will be yellow in color for viral infections, whereas the bacteria involvement can cause a thicker greenish form. The formation is common after sleep and often makes your eyes stick when you wake up.

How Do People Get Conjunctivitis

Inflammation of the eyes causes several external factors and is mainly divided into three bases: viruses and bacteria, allergies, and other irrational conditions. The general situations and the effect from these occurrences are;

Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis – Occurs mostly due to viral strains that often come with the common cold or sore throat conditions. This type is considered to be the most contagious pink eye condition that rapidly spread in schools, workplaces, daycares, etc.

Allergic conjunctivitis – These are common during the monsoon season and occur due to allergy-causing substances like pollen. Dust, animal dander can also cause problems to some individuals with sensitive eyes.

Pink eye from irritation – Exposure to chemicals or foreign subjects can also cause redness and irritation. Usually, this type of conjunctivitis clears up on its own within a day. People working in these environmental conditions or certain perfume types and scents result in redness in the eyes.

When Do You Require Medical Attention

Newborns or infants are at a higher risk and need to receive immediate medical treatments for pink eye conditions as they can cause damages to their vision. Persisting conjunctivitis and the absence of medicines can also potentially risk children and adults’ eyes in extreme cases.

If you experience severe pain or if the eye aches start to spread into your cheeks or facial muscles, you may require visiting your eye specialist to diagnose the condition. High fever, Shaking chills, and vision problems are other factors where you need to seek medical attention to avoid complications.

How To Reduce Discomfort Caused By Pink Eye

Giving your eyes plenty of rest will help them to heal faster from the pink eye condition. Warm or cold compressors, frequent rinsing, and using the prescribed eye drops at the eye clinic will reduce pain and discomfort. You should not wear contact lenses during this period as it can worsen your current condition. You are also encouraged to refrain from eye-straining activities like watching movies, staying on the computer for long hours, video gaming, etc.

Proper hygienic practices like washing your hand with soap frequently and daily bathing can prevent eye infections. Eye specialists also state to avoid sharing eye makeup or face towels as these kinds of actions can spread contagious pink eye conditions more easily. Practices like cleaning your contact lenses with the solution before and after and not having pets in bedroom areas can also prevent pink eyes, especially if you are highly responsive to allergens. 

Adhering to these practices will keep you away from problems causing eye infections, which can in turn help you continue your routine activities without any inconveniences. Obtaining viable treatments at the earliest will also benefit you with a speedy recovery and help avoid possibilities of any eye complications. At New Vision Eye Center, you can experience excellent patient care from our team of professionals who are happy to help with all your eye concerns and provide you with comfort like no other.

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