Freedom From Glasses: FemtoLASIK Treatment And Its Benefits On Your Vision

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Are you tired of wearing glasses that come with multiple problems and unavoidable discomfort? The latest advanced Femto-LASIK treatment is the best solution to say goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses. It stops your vision from getting weak with time and having to change prescriptions on a more regular basis. Femto-LASIK is the most advanced treatment available in the market with its latest technology to correct your refractive errors with minimum hassle.

What Is The Femto-LASIK Treatment?

Femto-LASIK treatment is a modern laser surgery performed to correct your refractive errors. The surgery consists of two stages. During the first stage, a small corneal flap is made using an LDV femtosecond laser whereas in the normal LASIK surgeries a mechanical blade or a microkeratome (a surgical instrument with an oscillating blade) is used instead. The second stage comprises the vision correction where an excimer laser is performed to reshape the cornea. Finally, the flap will be put back into place and seal by itself over time.

Why Choose Femto-LASIK?

According to ophthalmologists, the method of the opening cornea in the Femto-LASIK treatment is considered highly accurate and reliable because the flap created will be more even and thinner making less of a concern when considering eye surgery. This is also beneficial for individuals with a thin cornea. Also, the entire process can be monitored and managed on the computer screen. Therefore Femto-LASIK treatment is considered as surgery with higher benefits.

Minimum Requirements

Almost everyone suffering from refractive errors can undergo Femto-LASIK treatment. However, these refractive errors must be in a stable state for a minimum period of a year and also should be in the range of -12 to 6D (Dioptre). The minimum age of an individual to proceed with the surgery must be at least 18 years. This is due to the possibilities of vision change in young adults. Furthermore, eye specialists advised not to undergo the treatment during pregnancy and lactation.

Before The Treatment

A thorough medical and surgical history will be taken from the patient by the ophthalmologists and a complete eye examination will be performed. The eye examination includes; slit-lamp examination, corneal examination, measuring pupil sizes, pressure, and dryness. If a person fails in these examinations, they will be not eligible to undergo the surgery. Those who wear contact lenses should avoid using them from 2 weeks before the surgery (may extend to a month depending on the lens) as it can change the shape of the cornea temporarily when used for a longer period.

Benefits Of Femto-LASIK 

From all the refractive error surgeries, Femto-LASIK treatment consists of the most benefits. It is a fast procedure where the surgery will take less than 10 minutes for each eye and the recovery period is also shortened to a few hours. Apart from that, it is also considered more accurate due to the changeable and adaptable parameters depending on the individual’s particularities.

The procedure is also famous for its safety where the eye has no contact with a blade differentiating from other regular eye surgeries and as a result, the microtrauma or the slight injury in the corneal tissues is less. The Femto-LASIK treatment can be done for the individuals who failed to go for a Lasik treatment due to the presence of a thinner cornea. The treatment is much beneficial since the entire process is painless including the recovery period with no sutures or bandages required.

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