Glasses Are Not As Cool As Everyone Thinks

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Do you wonder how strange it is that a an accessory that has been around for ever is suddenly considered cool and immediately adopted by the fashion police? Yes, we are talking about glasses. This is not to say that the universe exploded with this sudden interest in an old product. The situation is unusual to say the least, people wear glasses to look super trendy. This doesn’t happen often so when it does you can expect even non fashion conscious folks take it on with zest and enthusiasm.

You would have seen big style magazines showcasing models wearing corrective glasses. The idea however has blown into a fashion trend and sure enough has become part of the cycle of coolness.

And now you’ve got thousands of geeks and hipsters wearing oversized black rims to look as cool as Justin Timberlake. You have to understand that he is J.T and you are still you. Wearing an oversized t.shirt is one thing but adorning medical hardware which there is no functional use for is another thing altogether. So today, you can see glasses sitting up with bow ties, mini skirts, fedoras, skyscraper stilettos and indoor sunglasses.

Let’s look at why glasses are not as cool as people think. For starters, it will obscure your face and draw attention to your glasses and not particularly you. They could make you look smarter but also older at the same time. If you want to be taken more seriously, remember glasses are not your only option.

If you have to wear glasses because of poor vision, you may be thinking about how strange people are to wear glasses when there is absolutely no need for them. You, on the other hand, only want to get rid of your glasses and throw them away. You can do this too. Lasik treatment in Dubai will give you clearer vision than before, in fact, you can bet on having 20/20 vision.

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