Glasses, contacts and laser eye surgery. How do you choose?

lasik treatment
If you have shortsightedness you will want to know your options. Eye glasses are stylish but the range of vision is fairly limited. With contact lenses there is more freedom but it can be harmful if not used properly. Lasik treatment sounds frightening to you, so what do you do?
There are millions of people with limited vision and laser eye surgery is performed frequently. However, there continues to be millions more who use eye glasses and contact lenses. In the case of glasses, they are rather fashionable. Contact lenses are comfortable, yet eye doctors are skeptical when it comes down to it. Not everyone who uses contacts are careful with them. They either wear it for too long, do not take them off at night or just run the tap to wash them. This can be harmful to your eyes. In addition, some people cannot tolerate a foreign object inside the eyes, just the thought of it makes them uncomfortable.
For those who don’t want to wear contact lenses both eye glasses and laser eye surgery are viable options. Eye glasses are trendy and cool especially today, however, it is only a temporary solution to your vision problems. You are not wearing glasses out of choice, it is more a necessity. Glasses have the tendency to break, slip off, get lost. And it’s not like you can wear them when you go swimming or sunbathing. Travelling too is uncomfortable while wearing glasses. You won’t get to enjoy too many activities and lifestyles with glasses perched on your nose.
If you have good overall health and a stable prescription, you will be given the green light by your eye doctor to choose Lasik treatment. It is the most effective surgery to eliminate all vision problems. The procedure is minor, pain free with quick recovery time. In fact, you will be good to go back to work 24 hours post surgery.
Many times people are afraid of Lasik treatment mostly due to the wrong information or misconception of the procedure itself. With a success rate of 96% you are assured to be in safe hands. Before the surgery is performed your eye doctor will check to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If all is clear, you can go ahead with Lasik in Dubai.
There are just a few things to keep in mind before and after surgery. First things first, you will be asked not to wear makeup or lotions 2 weeks prior to surgery. Post Lasik, the instructions are similar, no makeup and swimming for 2 weeks. However, you can get back to your daily lifestyle and start to enjoy the activities you would have been missing out on for years.

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