How to take care of your eyes after LASIK Treatment?


These days LASIK has become the most popular treatment among the people who want to fully recover their sight. More and more people are choosing to undergo laser eye surgery to permanently correct vision. At New Vision Eye Centre, we take great care of our patients with the best Lasik treatment in Dubai. We have a deep concern for our patients even after the surgery and therefore, we always acknowledge them in terms of dos and don’ts after the surgery.

Laser eye surgery is a type of surgery used to correct vision. Usually, this type of surgery involves reshaping the transparent layer that lines the front of the eye, known as the cornea, with an Excimer laser. There are several techniques used to treat different common vision defects – myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Laser assisted LASIK is the most common intervention and can be used to correct myopia and hyperopia. In this type of operation surgeons cut the corneal tissue and reshape the exposed surface before replacing the tissue. LASIK surgery corrects vision for the desired effect in 96% of cases.

Your eyes after surgery

Although you may not feel it, you may experience dry eye in the months following your surgery. In order to counteract this situation, we at New Vision Eye Centre prescribe you a moisturizing eye drops to help keep your eyes hydrated, as well as eye drops to help prevent infections and inflammation.

It is important to remember that after the laser surgery you should not use any eye drops – or other eye products – that have not been approved by your doctor.

Immediately after surgery, there is a possibility that your vision may be blurred. Other symptoms may include irritated and itchy eyes, excessive tearing, light sensitivity, and red eyes. However, healing after laser surgery is usually a quick process and most patients experience improvements in vision only a few days later.

Usually, you will need to see your doctor for evaluation 24 or 48 hours after surgery, depending on the instructions you receive from your doctor. You will then have to make evaluations at regular intervals over the six months following the intervention.

In the first two weeks after surgery you should wear protective goggles for swimming, and practice other sports such as aerobics, paddle tennis, tennis or golf. Avoid applying makeup during the first two weeks. The outer secretions of the eyes should be cleaned with gauze impregnated in sterile serum by rubbing the eyelids very gently. You can usually start driving the next day, but wait to do it at the first scan in the clinic. After a few months, normally three, it is likely that you will continue to use artificial tears. You will be discharged approximately three months after the intervention. The drops are essential to help you heal more quickly and you should always wash your hands with soap and water before putting them on.

Be aware of these tips if you want to protect the natural vision you gain from LASIK.

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