Is Lasik Surgery A Permanent Solution?

lasik treatment in dubai
If you ever find yourself wandering along the aisles looking at various creams and lotions you may think with all that promising talk of anti-aging if there have been proper breakthroughs in anti-aging products that can reverse or halt aging altogether. Surely, a magic product or pill will hit the market so that you can go back to having the appearance of a twenty something. The reality is that beauty products are rarely if ever long lasting. However, do you know something that is long term and will certainly make you look younger? Lasik treatment in Dubai.

Laser eye surgery is permanent. Now this statement may have many of you feeling skeptical. You may think there are secret loopholes somewhere waiting to be exploited. You will be surprised to know there are no hidden caveats. It is a permanent procedure if you are eligible to have it. And there are no follow-up surgeries or a strict after-care routine.

Many procedures and products usually have a superficial or temporary effect on your body. Lasik in Dubai, on the other hand, will create fundamental structural changes. And the surgery itself doesn’t take long, its about as long as it takes you to make a cup of tea. This is the very reason it has become popular and revolutionary. And so far, over 30 million people in the world have had laser eye surgery.

Lasik treatment reshapes the eye and gets rid of refractive errors permanently. The curvature of your cornea is remodelled by removing a tiny, stromal tissue. This tissue does not grow back once removed. And thus, your eye is fixed permanently into a new shape.

This is made possible by two things. The eye is an easily accessible organ in your body. Treating your eye is relatively easy as it causes no disruption. In addition, the cornea has great healing powers, this means it is possible to access and adjust stromal tissue that causes refractive errors with minor disruption and quick recovery.

Let’s put that into perspective. On one day you would be wearing glasses thinking this is for a lifetime. And you could be enjoying 20/20 vision the very next day. And you never have to worry about your vision again.

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