Keratoconus – Keep A Close Eye On This Eye Infection!

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Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of the body. They are not only visually appealing with beautiful eyeball colours, but they give you the opportunity to visualise different things in your life. However, with the changing times, medical experts are discovering many eye diseases and infections that could affect the organ adversely.

Unlike general eye surgeries like cataract, eye specialists and researchers have found another condition known as keratoconus. This is an ailment that generally affects both your eyes with variation in symptoms and diverse intensities. This disease can lead to different visions between both the eyes.

This condition appears when your cornea, the clear and dome-shaped part of the eye, begins to bulge in the form of a cone. Since the bulge is outwards, the person will see a change in vision with respect to light and glare. The condition surfaces for people who are between the age of 10 and 25. This blog post will explain the symptoms, effects, and risks associated with Keratoconus.

Symptoms of Keratoconus

  •         You will have a blurred or distorted vision and this condition will intensify as time progresses. It is advisable to get treatment in the initial stages to avoid permanent impairment.
  •         Your eyes will tend to be more sensitive. For instance, even if you see a dim light, it will appear very bright.
  •         At times, you will experience a sudden blackout or clouding in your vision
  •         Moreover, you will see a deceiving vision where even a straight line would look bent or wavy.

Effects involved

  •         In the initial stages, your eyes will have constant reddening effect and swelling.
  •         As you ignore to treat this ailment, the conditions may worsen as your short-sightedness will increase, medically known as astigmatism. This is a condition where your eyes cannot focus on the right spot. This can be treated only by using new glasses.
  •         The condition is prone to worsen to such an extent that you will not be able to wear contact lenses due to the high burning sensation.

Risk Factors Of Keratoconus

There are many factors that could lead to this disease. However, experts have not confirmed a relevant cause that would lead to Keratoconus.

  •         One of them includes genetic history where your family members would have had this eye condition. In such cases, it is always better to check with your family members so that you can get treatment in the initial stage itself.
  •         Another factor that could lead to this ailment will be rubbing your eyes constantly. If you feel intense irritation, it would be advisable to wash it with cold water and if it persists, consulting a doctor would be the ideal option.

Treatment Required

If this is treated in its earlier stages, just a pair of new prescription glasses will fix it. However, as the condition worsens, you will be asked to have permanent contact lens with rigid gas or types of lens which will be fitted permanently.

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