Keratoconus Treatment options in Dubai


Eye care is a vital service provided around the world. Specially in Dubai where the population is high and pollution can have an adverse effect on many individuals health, the eye sight does get affected now more than in the earlier years.

Keratoconus is an eye condition where the vision get distorted by  a thinning and bulging cornea. This keratoconus focus can be fixed through various options available specially as keratoconous treatments.

For mild focus issues, eye doctors would recommend soft contact lenses or eyeglasses. These will treat the astigmatism and mild near-sightedness that can be a caused by the early stages of keratoconous. Later on a RGP contact lens would be recommended to correct the vision issue better.

RGP contact lenses stand for Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses. This will correct the vision as keratoconous progresses. These special lenses can vault over the cornea and can replace the corneas irregular shape with a smooth, uniform refracting surface which will help to improve vision.

Another available treatment option is that Intacs plastic rings. These will be inserted into the mid later of the cornea, which in turn will flatten the cornea, changing the shape and also the location of the cone.

CXL or corneal cross linking is a new available treatment option, the goal of which is to stop the progression of keratoconous. This treatment has been approved in FDA clinical trials in USA.

The very advanced stages of keratoconous may require corneal transplant surgery. This is in extreme cases where scarring, extreme thinning or the patient shows intolerance to contact lens.

Talk to your nearest eye clinic today to learn more about these treatment options and to take steps towards correcting any issues at an early stage.

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