Keratoconus Treatments in Dubai


Eye care has become a vital service in Dubai to address increasing eye issues caused by changes in our lifestyle and in the environment.

Any eye clinics are able to carry out the basic eye examinations and prescribe eye drops and/or lenses as needed. With age many patients are faced with more serious eye issues which would need surgical interventions to correct the vision.

Keratoconus treatments is one such vital treatment. This can even be a problem for the young as well as the old. Keratoconus occurs when the middle part of the corner begins to thin out, resulting in the cornea starting to bulge out almost like a cone shape. This can impact the vision significantly and can also affect the proportion of the eyes.

A cause for this disease is yet to be found but experts have linked that rubbing the eyes excessively can also lead to this condition. It is not a very common disease and in general cases can be seen in 1 of 2000 people. Early symptoms of this disease are distorted or blurred vision. At an early stage this condition can be corrected with spectacles and frequent check-ups will be required to monitor any changes and for adjustment in the lens power as needed.

Keratoconus may not lead to full blindness but it is vital to be recognized and treated before it leads to legal blindness. Keratoconus is treated through the technique known as cross linking. This makes use of drops of riboflavin which are custom made, which will saturate the cornea. It is then activated through a ultraviolet light. This is then combined with laser to produce the desired results and restore the eyes general function and appearance. Through this many other eye problems can also be automatically rectified.

Contact lenses implantation is also another treatment option. This will be implanted permanently to correct the focus. This is a very convenient treatment option especially for those who do wear contact lenses externally. But it is unsuitable for laser eye surgeries.

Visiting your eye doctor today to diagnose any eye issues at an early stage and identify the best remedy to suit your need and budget.

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