LASIK Surgery: Understanding Different Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyes After The Procedure


LASIK surgery is an outpatient process that is used to correct refractive errors in the eyes. The procedure can correct your vision distortion by taking less than an hour, and the success rate has made it one of the most prevalent eye treatment processes worldwide. However, similar to preparation, aftercare also plays a crucial role in healing and getting most from your treatment without causing any complications or side effects. This article will look into the different ways to take care of your eyes after a LASIK surgery.

Recovery Timeline Of LASIK

It is natural to feel a bit of discomfort right after your LASIK treatment. You can keep your eyes closed and avoid bright lights during the first 6 hours following the surgery. Also, you need to prevent eye-straining activities such as reading, watching TV, playing video games, etc., during the first 24 hours.

To avoid involuntary rubbing and touching, your eye specialist will provide you with an eye shield to wear at night. It would help if you also avoid strenuous activities and exercising during the first week. Hot tubs, swimming pools, eye makeup, and under-eye lotions also need to be avoided during this time.

Generally, after a month, you can return to doing activities like contact sports, swimming, etc. However, it is crucial to understand that the healing time extends to a minimum of six months, and you will see vision fluctuations or progressions throughout this time.

Follow-up checks are essential during this period. You need to visit your LASIK specialist at given intervals to check the healing progress of your eyes. You also need to follow the recovery plan suggested to you for a faster healing process.

Steps On Further Eye Care

Below are a few more methods to include in your routine to take care of your eyes following the LASIK surgery.

Wearing sunglasses: Sunglasses can help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and possible damages to the cornea. Right after the surgery, your eyes can become more sensitive, and hence sunglasses need to be on your essentials list.

Keep Your Eyes Moist: Eye moisture is essential to prevent dry eye conditions. You can use the eye drops prescribed by your eye doctor to keep your eyes wet and moist without irritating.

Avoid dust: During your healing time, it is vital to keep yourself away from dusty environments as it can cause infections or allergic conditions. You can also wear safety eyewear if exposed to such an environment before your eyes get fully recovered.

Following your doctor’s instructions will guide you to a faster healing process. Once you are completely healed, you will be enjoying your corrected vision without the need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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