Lasik Treatment And Astigmatism

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Some experts say that most people have astigmatism, however, not everyone suffers from headaches, eye strain and fatigue. The symptoms are visible in the more severe cases. If you are spending your days rubbing your temple and squinting, you need to check your vision.
Astigmatism was treated with glasses and contact lenses in the past. You will have temporary relief from both, but they are certainly not long term solutions. At the same time they will not treat the root cause of the problem which is irregular curvature in the cornea. This is where Lasik treatment comes in. It is one of the most effective refractive surgeries and involves changing the shape of the cornea by permanently removing the tissue. It is a minor procedure and pain free with fewer risks than even contact lenses.
In a properly functioning eye, the cornea and lens are curved and smooth so that the light directly reflects on the retina. When you have astigmatism the light neither sharply or directly falls on the cornea¬† which in turn doesn’t reflect properly onto the retina. This creates poor vision.
The cornea has an important job, that is to ensure nothing disrupts the delicate layers beneath. The dome-like membrane is the first layer which allows the light to pass through and it is significant in how well you will be able to see. Corneal astigmatism occurs when the cornea appears distorted.
No matter the origin of astigmatism or the severity of the symptoms, Lasik in Dubai can treat this condition. Many people are surprised upon learning this because many moons ago, you wouldn’t have had an alternative except to use eyeglasses or contact lenses. if you have heard of Lasik but don’t understand the ins and outs of the procedure, it is time to take a good look at it. There are countless myths and misinformation out there but if you do your own research and read up on credible sources, you will find that millions of people have successfully treated poor vision with laser eye surgery.
Clear vision is within your reach, Lasik treatment is all it takes. Do not think you are destined to wear glasses or contacts, it is time to walk away from old myths and look at a future with Lasik.

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