Maintaining your eyesight with age


Eye issues can greatly affect the day to day life of any individual. We all understand how important our eyesight is to be able to work effectively. Whether to read, travel, research and communicate we use our eyesight extensively. People who are born blind and who has lost their eyesight over the years miss out on many things in life, and any eye hospital in Dubai are careful to never let their patients reach the point of losing their vision.

Skilled eye specialist serving at the best dental clinics are dedicated towards expanding their knowledge and learning new treatments to be able to provide their patients with the best possible care possible, e.g. Laser vision correction – lasik Dubai. Any eye hospital will be equipped to treat various eye conditions from cataract surgery in Dubai to keratoconus.

Retinal conditions present many eye conditions. The retina is the four main layers of the eye, photoreceptor, outer neutral, choroid and retinal epithelium that has been understood to be sensitive to the light. All these layers consist of blood vessels, connective tissue, light sensing rods and nerves. Without the retina our eyes will not be able to function like it does. Retinal conditions can result in blurred vision and even lead to blindness. As with any condition some are easier to be diagnosed but there are some which can be more challenging and even rare.

Regular eye check-ups can help monitor your eye sight over a period of time and any small deterioration or change in the visit can be noticed immediately. The earlier any condition is detected the easier it would be to treat it.

Diabetic retinopathy is a common retinal disorder. This is very common in diabetic patients. The high glucose levels in the blood stream can flow into the blood vessels or capillaries in the back of the eye which can leak the fluid under the retina. This can cause swelling leading to blurred vision.

Macular dry or wet degeneration is when the center of the retina starts to deteriorate and it results in a blind spot.

Macukar hole is another common condition among senior citizens. This is a defect identified in the center of the retina way back in the eyes.

These are just three of the many retinal disorders. Speak to your eye care specialist today if you are experiencing any small change in your vision as it could be a symptom of a possible eye defect.

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